Conte, Renzi, the CEI and the Jesuits

Conte, Renzi, the CEI and the Jesuits

What do fighting and government Catholics say and do after the resignation of the Count bis? Italics by Andrea Mainardi

Gianfranco Rotondi goes on to say on TV: “We are eternal”. Majestic. That is: it is really applause.

How to blame him. He smiles behind the surgery. Sometimes the ffpp2. He throws it into an Osho joke.

In fact, how the best phrases take us. The DC is actually missing. (And the Carnations are missing. And even some hammer and sickle are a bit nostalgic).

But he is a little bit thinner. Obvious.

It is not well known that she was the old Breton one, with the hat and the umbrella made of bamboo cane. And the brave captains, the crafty Macedonian smugglers.

Battiato sang it . We steal it from him. When Franco da Jonia rambled about Center of gravity.

The point: Catholics are absent in this crisis of government. Or present in not too many nocturnal gatherings, not too convinced pleasant attending to parliament.

With the respect due to … and to …

And forgive us the not mentioned.

Political value?

There are, but they are asymptomatic.

" Disappeared ", would say a teenager who goes to Youtube.

The permanent center of gravity on this round has not yet placed the token. The carousel is stopped.

They will come. They arrive. They are there. But it won't move much. Perhaps the political dynamics matter. Not the ecclesial ones. Those are blocked. Indeed, at GfVip: freeze.

" Disappeared ".

By burning names from various shores, they also go and pull Mario Draghi's jacket. And then the skirt to Marta Cartabia .

Evergreen of people to stalk.

The fact is that the CEI and Vatican life jackets at Giuseppe Conte ter were launched in a much more distracted way. Almost out of duty after the excess a couple of years ago. And when they arrive – because they will arrive, and they arrive in a click – they will be two ducks thrown into the open sea.

Well, ok, the CEI has liquidated the boy scout he was. Matteo Renzi doesn't seem to like it anymore. Stigma: opening a political crisis "which, even regardless of its real or declared motivations, appears absurd in the eyes of citizens struggling with infections and their tragic set of dead". So dictate the Italian bishops. It was January 13th. However, after that there were no particular turmoil.

In fact, the encouragement pointed by a mosquito to a Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, a very important archbishop in those latitudes, seems increasingly older now.

It is now archeology.

The point is not support for the resigning government, but the political presence of Catholics in Italy. Nobody believes much anymore. All listless. For on the one hand he knows of honor of arms to the rosarians of the square. Of surrender, almost.

But it sounds of silence about a lot more. They have given up on non-negotiable values. They collect the nothing of the battle not fought. And some resipiscence emerges.

As in the US where there is fighting (still after Trump) on culture wars. Not so fierce yet, but the limes isn't too far off.

A party of Conte with a Catholic launch – he who also comes from the school of Cardinal Silvestrini cattodem, Villa Nazareth – no longer believes anyone. The percentages are too low. It's not that you don't believe it. Maybe they do. But they don't really run it. Despite important patrons. Respected, listened to, but invited to contribute to something else.

CEI and the Vatican today have crunchy problems to face. A clue? Two: the collection of the eight per thousand in Italy does not seem to smile on the dedicated Iban. And, beyond the Tiber – Vatican – the accounts do not shine. They are also arranging the Pos.

And the boy scout Matteo overturned the bank when the Vatican was gearing up – jubilant, but not too much – to embrace the new US number one J. Biden.

There is not much trace in the tweets that matter. Because the Jesuits are Euclidean. (Here you always steal from FB). They calculate. And you have to get to the end of the equation to understand. But maybe this time they didn't wear the right dress to go to the emperor's court. Or they don't want to wear it.

Giuseppe 2019 was baptized as the Moses who separated the waters between democracy and the invoked full powers of the rosarian Matteo Salvini in the mood for a beach party. Today the scheme no longer convinces. Several long cassocks pulled a newspaper clipping out of the drawers. (They are elderly gentlemen, be patient if they prefer paper to digital). Eye: it was the interview with Cardinal Camillo Ruini – former president of the CEI and former vicar of the Pope in Rome – who did not make a holy card of Salvini. But he said how opportune and necessary it was to talk to him too.

In unsuspecting, ancient times, a blatant opening was given to the 5Stelle da Avvenire. Then attenuated. Then the starred became illegal. Anathema. Later, at the time, in order to make Salvini's aperitifs go wrong, he was a proud trench of opposition to the League from the parts of the CEI newspaper. And alive Pd. And long live a few little things that a good slice of Italian Catholics have not fully digested.

Today we can smell the wind, but no particular partisan signals are received.

Conte seems not to be discharged.

Yet Freezzato yes. To GfVip.

The right option is not (today) viable. But one begins to want to talk again. And this is a track.

That the Catholic leadership is losing the pulse of the parishes and, in a political crisis, now of government, is looking for that "center of gravity" which, however, is perhaps no longer permanent?

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