Covid-19, the air conditioning guidelines. Aicarr report

Covid-19, the air conditioning guidelines. Aicarr report

Advice and indications from the Aicarr association document (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration) for large retailers, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and schools

How to treat air and related air conditioning systems, in the light of the context of the pandemic, in the following areas: residential, large-scale retail, catering, industrial, tertiary, buildings used for sports activities, accommodation facilities, cinemas and theaters, school buildings?

AiCARR (Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration) answers this question with an ad hoc document. Here are all the details.

AiCARR (Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration) invites technicians, installers and maintainers of air conditioning systems to read the document "Protocol for the reduction of the risk from the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in management and maintenance of existing air conditioning and ventilation systems ".

It is an integration and an update of the documents published to date on the topic, all available in the Covid-19 section of the Association's website, which includes thousands of technicians from the air conditioning sector.

This new document offers indications on how to operate on existing systems, and is divided into three main sections with the following purposes: to provide general information, to outline the problem, and then move on to the types of systems present in buildings and their specific features in function the intended use, offer additional indications with respect to the normal operations of ordinary management and maintenance of the plants, in order to take into account the new and more stringent operating conditions or any plant changes that occurred during this recent pandemic phase, and illustrate indications on the cleaning and disinfection strategies of each section of the plant subject to intervention.

"AiCARR continues to make its contribution to the culture of air conditioning and air treatment in a context, this of the pandemic, which is proving difficult to manage, but also a stimulus to improve the results of scientific evidence with the support also of the technical world we represent, "said AiCARR president Filippo Busato.

The document on the maintenance point highlights that “the existing systems must be managed correctly according to the indications contained in the executive project and reported in the use and maintenance manuals. Often these are inspired by the best techniques of the art and as regards air conditioning, they refer to the guidelines of the 2006 State Regions Conference and to the AiCARR guidelines on management and maintenance of 2005 ".

Instead, on the point of cleaning the components and elements of the system, the document reads: “Although disinfection and sanitization operations often do not fall within the routine maintenance protocols, they are also processes that must be carried out by qualified and qualified companies pursuant to Ministerial Decree 37 / 08 and on the basis of the indications of the guidelines mentioned in the previous paragraph. This is to take into consideration the implications on the responsibilities that the company that carries out these operations assumes on the correct functioning of the system, which if it were not enabled, would disappear in the precise moment in which the intervention is carried out. These cleanings must be carried out according to precise protocols in full compliance with the health conditions of the operators ".

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