Dear Letta, do you know that some Pd lists are illegal? Word of dem

Dear Letta, do you know that some Pd lists are illegal? Word of dem

Mennea and Amati on Pd lists: “Appeal filed to cancel lists. In the party of legality, one does not go to Parliament with illegal choices ”. The open letter from Ruggiero Mennea and Fabiano Amati, Pd regional councilor in Puglia

We have filed an urgent appeal to the National Guarantee Commission to cancel the lists of the PD Puglia and modify them. If you are a party that goes to Parliament to defend legality, you cannot appoint parliamentarians with illegal acts and sexist methods.

The lists of the PD Puglia, in fact, have been composed in violation of the following rules: gender equality because they are composed only with male capilist; lack of primary elections or system of wide consultation (contestability); equality of all members; collegiate designations; political and territorial representativeness; publicity of the selection procedure; democratic way of approving candidacies through representative bodies; waivers and replacements without reconvoking the national management.

Numerous violations, therefore, capable of determining the cancellation of the lists of candidates of the multi-member and single-member constituencies for the Chamber and Senate of the Puglia constituency, so as to allow the recomposition of the lists in a legal manner, i.e. in accordance with the statutes of the party.

We look forward to an immediate convocation of the National Guarantee Commission for the decision of the appeal and without any hesitation.

And no one comes to say that the question is political, because the first political question in democratic states is legality: remove the law and the state becomes a band of brigands, someone much more important and holier than us would have said.

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