Electrified Alfa Romeo shocks Tavares?

Electrified Alfa Romeo shocks Tavares?

For the owner of Alfa Romeo "electricity is Alfa Romeo's life insurance". Yet the number 1 of Stellantis is not as enthusiastic…

With the declarations of Carlos Tavares , number 1 of Stellantis, contrary – to use a euphemism – to the Western rush towards electric mobility and the enthusiasm of the Community legislator in banning internal combustion engines, a very substantial book could be made. Only on 17 October last, the lapidary Portuguese manager commented: "Europe is killing the future of mobility".

But the list of utterances along the same lines would be more or less infinite, also motivated by the shareable fear that without protectionist measures along the lines of Joe Biden 's Wrath, the Old Continent risks ending up at the mercy of Chinese electric cars. Beijing, moreover, is preparing the invasion , as we have been telling you for a long time.


Precisely in the light of his position, the words that Jean-Philippe Imparato , owner of Alfa Romeo, released to a Belgian magazine on the occasion of the BMS (Brussels Motor Show) sound even more disruptive: “People have to understand one thing. If we hadn't made the decision to go electric and focus on software in 2021, Alfa Romeo would not have passed the 2023 milestone".

A clear and decisive stance, which only apparently seems to be aimed at the avid alfisti who fear, with the switch to electric, of no longer hearing the characteristic roar of the "Busso" V6, designed by engineer Giuseppe Busso in 1979 and used until 2005 in various versions, making the roar of the Alfa 90 Quadrifoglio Oro, the Alfetta GTV6 2.5, the 75 3.0 V6 and the more recent 147 GTA, 156 GTA as well as the Spider 3.2 V6 24 valves unmistakable. "I have respect for the Busso fans – continues the CEO of the historic brand from Arese, relegated somewhat to the rear in recent years, that is, those from Tavares – and I too am a thermal at heart".

But then the number 1 of the Alfa Romeo added: “The electric car is Alfa Romeo's life insurance. The electric car and the STLA platform will allow me to obtain body types that the thermal car would not have allowed me. We will be able to work on fun and cool silhouettes that convey emotion”.


“Our ambition – explained the manager – is to bring Alfa Romeo from “they are a failure in terms of electrification, infotainment, etc.” to “I am the best of the whole Stellantis Group” in the next five years. We will do our best to achieve this goal. We will have Alfa Romeo cars with an 800 V architecture, capable of recharging in 18 minutes and covering 700 km of WLTP on a single charge. There will be cars with 850 HP, Quadrifoglio models with 1000 HP”.

Undoubtedly, the words of the number 1 of the Alfa Romeo are aimed at pure alfists, but Jean-Philippe Imparato 's enthusiasm for electric mobility inevitably ends up having an impact on Tavares ' statements, so much so that one wonders if it is not really the 'Ad di Stellantis the real recipient of such statements.

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