Farewell to Pilati, a multifaceted liberal intellectual

Farewell to Pilati, a multifaceted liberal intellectual

Life, works and thoughts of Antonio Pilati, who died yesterday at the age of 74

After a long illness, Antonio Pilati , graduated in philosophy from the Milan State University and media expert, passed away.

Liberal, liberal-socialist, reformer, expert in telecommunications law and economics, in recent times Antonio Pilati had expanded the sectors on which he wrote essays, editorials and analyzes for newspapers and magazines (also on Startmag ): international relations, geopolitics, relations between the economy , technology and rights.

Those who have known him thus describe him: brilliant mind, pungent irony, young spirit, long gaze.

In the past, he was close to the center-right, so much so that he was one of the technicians who contributed to the drafting of the Gasparri law.

Alberto Mingardi, general director of the Bruno Leoni Institute wrote : “Pilati had been close to« il Manifesto »and on those pages he had begun to deal with the media, when commercial television had upset the Italian market and society. Many of his generation drew an instinctive distrust of Silvio Berlusconi and all that he stood for. Pilati, on the other hand, was fascinated by a phenomenon that freed the public's taste from any pedagogical dirigisme. For this he invented the Institute of Media Economics of the Rosselli Foundation and became commissioner of the newly created Authority for guarantees in communications. There, and later at the Antitrust, with a non-academic attitude he tried to affirm a perspective that would not lose sight of the reality of competition, beyond theoretical models ".

Born in Milan in 1947, Pilati spent his life in the telecommunications sector: from 1992 to February 1998 he was director of the Institute of Media Economics of the Rosselli Foundation and sector consultant. Commissioner of the Authority for Communications Guarantees until 2005, since 2005 he has been a member of the Competition and Market Authority. From 2012 to 2015 he held the position of Director of RAI.

Pilati has published several essays, among others, “Economy of knowledge. Theoretical profiles and empirical evidence "(edited by), Il Mulino 2005," The broken link. Citizens and politics ”, Ideazione Editrice 2003,“ The factory of ideas ”, Baskerville 2000,“ The supermarket of images ”, Sperling & Kupfer 1999,“ The economy of the media. Theoretical issues ", Rosselli Foundation 1994," Media Industry in Europe ", John Libbey & Co. 1993," The media industry ", Il Sole 24 Ore 1990 editions," Digital revolution and political disorder ", Guerini 2016. His latest work is “The catastrophe of the elites. Digital power and political crisis in the West ”, Guerini 2019.


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