Fincantieri, Viking Polaris delivered to Norway for polar cruises

Fincantieri, Viking Polaris delivered to Norway for polar cruises

Fincantieri delivered "Viking Polaris", the second of two expedition cruise ships for Viking, to its shipyard in Søviknes, Norway.

Fincantieri has delivered the second of two expedition cruise ships for the Viking shipping company.

The group led by Pierroberto Folgiero announced this on September 28 with a note . “Viking Polaris” can accommodate 378 guests on board in 189 cabins, like the twin “Viking Octantis”, delivered at the end of 2021 by Fincantieri, through its subsidiary Vard , in its shipyard in Søviknes, Norway.

The collaboration between Fincantieri and Viking translates into 18 total units, including the four announced a few weeks ago. In mid-September, the shipbuilding group announced that it will build four more ships for Viking. "As part of the announcement for six options in March 2018, Fincantieri and Viking made the contracts for the third and fourth ship effective" announced the Trieste naval group. “The companies have also signed contracts for the fifth and sixth units, conditional on obtaining the related loan as per industry practice,” added Fincantieri. The total value of the agreements is over 1.7 billion euros.

The agreement confirms – according to Fincantieri – the recovery of the cruise sector, expected to return to pre-pandemic levels in 2023.


The two ships Viking Octanis and Viking Polaris are certified "Polar Class 6" for expeditions in the polar regions. Furthermore, the two units are large enough to navigate in remote areas and in the San Lorenzo River, maintaining superior handling and stability even in rough seas.

"Plumb bows, elongated hulls and state-of-the-art stabilizers allow ships to glide over the waves to ensure a comfortable cruise, the reinforced hulls provide a guarantee for exploration in the ice and the" u-tank "stabilizers significantly reduce roll up to 50% in parking ”explains Fincantieri.

The new units are designed by the same architects and engineers who worked on the ocean-going vessels of the Viking fleet.


As the group recalls, Fincantieri started its relationship with Viking in 2012, trusting the shipping company that entered the oceanic cruise market as a start-up.

From the first order of two ships, today the collaboration has reached 18 units in total, including the two special cruise ships ordered from Vard, “Viking Octantis” and “Viking Polaris”, the last one delivered. This is an absolute record – underlined Fincantieri in January – the largest number of units ordered by a single owner from a builder.

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