Francesco Pettenati, who is the economist enlisted by Scannapieco in the CDP

Francesco Pettenati, who is the economist enlisted by Scannapieco in the CDP

The first appointments of Scannapieco in Cdp continue. Here is the curriculum of the economist Francesco Pettenati

New entry into the Dario Scannapieco Deposits and Loans Fund.

After Maurizio Basile, former state boyar in various companies owned or controlled by the state, enlisted by Scannapieco in the CDP as senior advisor, an economist is arriving in the group controlled by the Ministry of Economy, who was at the Bei councilor of Scannapieco when the he current number one of the CDP was Vice President of the European Investment Bank.

Francesco Pettenati, an economist born in 1977, will support – wrote Repubblica today – the head of staff wanted by Scannapieco in Cdp, Fabio Barchiesi; appointment that has caused controversy, underlines the daily directed by Maurizio Molinari.

Because? The news of Barchiesi was published about a month ago by the Messenger :

Today Repubblica reveals that Barchiesi is professionally known for being a physiotherapist: “Among the first acts of the new CEO of Cdp, Dario Scannapieco, there was the appointment in his staff of an external professional, Dr. Fabio Barchiesi. Barchiesi is a well-known name in Rome, despite being practically in his first experience as a manager, at least outside the world of sport. Barchiesi is in fact the physiotherapist of the Roman generone ”.

Barchiesi – say the journalists of the Republic Giuliano Foschini and Marco Mensurati – “began his career at Villa Stuart, as a young therapist with a degree in health professions at La Sapienza. Here he is fortunate to have the president of Coni as a patient. Giovanni Malagò, who had to recover from an injury. Malagò was fascinated by it: for his professional qualities, of course. But evidently he sees beyond. He understands that the boy can lead the way. So he takes him to the Aniene first, and then introduces him to many of his friends. Up to being able to make him work with him: at the Coni sport Lab, the sports medicine institute of Coni. Just like the Olympian's grandstand, the Institute is one of the central places in the geography of Roman power: from soccer to small accidents, many get hurt. In addition to Malagò himself, under his care, over time, Azzurra Caltagirone, Franco Frattini and the former CEO of Cdp Fabio Gallia pass. From a simple physiotherapist, Barchiesi quickly climbs the internal hierarchies. In 2019, the first pike: Malagò appointed him Director of the organization of the Coni institute. But Barchiesi is ambitious. And so, while working, he took a degree in Economics from the Unicusano telematic university and then in 2019 he participated in a master's degree in Business Administration at Luiss ”.

What does a physiotherapist in Cassa Depositi e Prestiti have to do with it ? , asks the newspaper of the Gedi group: “Barchiesi did not reply to Repubblica . Cdp did it instead. Sources of the company explain in fact "that he joined the staff of the CEO by virtue of his experience as a manager that allowed him to develop competence in: strategic planning, administration and control, human resources". Furthermore, "his work at the Institute of Sports Medicine has allowed the structure to obtain a large increase in turnover". The appointment as “chief of staff” has so far been indicated only informally. But – also given the controversy – it risks going on for a few more hours. Last night sources explained that it will soon be joined by "a technical profile". This is Francesco Pettenati, economist born in 1977, head of cabinet and first adviser to Scannapieco in his experience at the EIB, the European Investment Bank ”.

From the press office of Cdp it is noted that Barchiesi instead "can boast a professional career that has allowed him to develop solid managerial skills: since 2015 he has been director of the CONI Sport Lab – where he has achieved positive and tangible results over the years – and since January 2018 executive in a company 100% controlled by the MEF, both companies for which he dealt with management aspects and not with the care of individual customers ". "Furthermore, it should be noted that, contrary to what is read in the article, no external party can influence any appointment in the current Cdp", reads a note from the Cdp press office.



European Investment Fund (EIF)
Head of Information, Processes and Automation Division
Nov 2016 – present (4 years 10 months)

European Investment Bank
12 years 9 months

  • Senior Advisor to Vice President
    Jan 2014 – Nov 2016 (2 years 11 months)
  • Advisor to Vice President
    Jan 2012 – Dec 2013 (2 years)
  • HR Personnel
    Nov 2010 – Dec 2011 (1 year 2 months)
  • Derivatives Analyst
    Mar 2004 – Oct 2010 (6 years 8 months)


University of Parma
Bachelor's Degree: Business / Managerial Economics

University of Brescia
Master in Money and Finance

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