Gentiloni celebrates Draghi (and happily archives Conte)

Gentiloni celebrates Draghi (and happily archives Conte)

Praise to Draghi, buckets of cold water on Conte. This is the real gist of the interview by the Italian Commissioner in the Brussels Commission, Gentiloni.

The sigh of relief of the Italian Commissioner in Brussels and former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, picked up – I believe on the phone – by the director of the Press Massimo Giannini, must have spilled like a bucket of cold water, and of truth, on Giuseppe Conte. And to those who, under the five stars but also elsewhere, for example in the Democratic Party, regret him and, perhaps, are moved as his spokesman Rocco Casalino in reviewing the photos of the farewell from Palazzo Chigi with his girlfriend.

“Italy is reborn with Draghi,” said Gentiloni, and shouted La Stampa all over the front page. "Now Brussels trusts Rome", added the European commissioner for the economy, almost getting rid of a nightmare that, to tell the truth, he had somehow manifested even during the crisis, when he was working for a third edition of the Conte government. But in Rome they pretended not to hear and understand neither Gentiloni's party comrades, starting with the "shadow" secretary Goffredo Bettini, nor the pentastellates perched around the resigning Prime Minister as a sacred image in the midst of a frightening storm.

The new prime minister "says nothing and everyone likes it", wrote the art historian Tommaso Molinari desolately in the Fatto Quotidiano – and where else? – but the beneficial effects that have already been felt with his arrival at the helm of the government will mean something, even if there are those especially on the left, rather than on the right, on the side of Giorgia Meloni and "brothers" who soon deployed to the opposition, perhaps hopes to see it shipwrecked in the fight against the pandemic. "To the right everything is always forgiven immediately, to the left nothing", commented the political scientist Piero Ignazi on Domani , as desolate as Molinari on the other hand in Marco Travaglio's newspaper, thinking of the increased role of Matteo Salvini's Northern League and Silvio's forcers Berlusconi.

Naturally, the bucket of cold water and truth spilled on Conte with the implicit words and judgments of Gentiloni, at this point, on both governments presided over by him, will not in any way restrain the former Grillino keeper Alfonso Bonafede. Which has repeated in the Fatto Quotidiano – and where hindsight?, Also this time – to entrust the professor and lawyer friend with the task of "refounding" and leading, it is assumed, the tormented 5 Star Movement. And this also to disprove two former grillini like Gian Luigi Paragone and Emilio Carelli, who have just talked about it, interviewed by Libero , as of "nothing" or "hell".

Yet a simpler and more immediate recipe for the refoundation, regeneration and whatever else of the Grillo movement was indicated right in the Fatto Quotidiano with the “wickedness” of the day on the front page. Here it is: "Speaking of expulsions, first if Crimi and Di Maio go away from the 5Stelle, all the others remain", including Bonafede evidently, hosted with so much generosity by the Travaglio newspaper even now that he is no longer the Minister of Justice and so much minus the head of the government delegation. He participates in his own way in that transformation of the movement which, although suspicious in the eyes of Travaglio, thus represented in his editorial in Repubblica the former director Ezio Mauro: “Grillo, the antistate becomes a system”. Extensive program, the ever-late General Charles De Gaulle would have said.

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