Gualtieri’s accounting stunts are a paranormal phenomenon

Gualtieri's accounting stunts are a paranormal phenomenon

Why do not square estimates and statements of the Ministry of Economy on GDP. Enrico Zanetti's post, former Undersecretary of Finance

In the July 31 report, with the update of GDP data to June 30, Istat estimated that the change in GDP "acquired for 2020 is equal to -14.3%".

If you consider that, in the April 2020 DEF, the government had estimated the drop in GDP to -8%, it becomes really difficult not to remain dumbfounded in front of the declarations of the Minister of Economy who, commenting on these ISTAT data, said that they are better of forecasts and this would demonstrate, among other things, the effectiveness of the economic measures adopted by the Government.

I would very much like to agree with the Minister, but I would need at least a minimum logical foothold to hold on to.

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