Here’s how Emiliano has already put a hand in the Popolare di Bari

Here's how Emiliano has already put a hand in the Popolare di Bari

In the future board of directors of Banca Popolare di Bari, Mcc (Invitalia-Mef) has also included the lawyer Cinzia Capano, former deputy of the Democratic Party and former councilor for the Municipality of Bari with Emiliano, reconfirmed president of the Puglia Region. Here is the CV of Capuano (who already works for the Apulian institute)

The reconfirmed president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano (Pd), even before having a share of Banca Popolare di Bari, has already obtained thanks to the implicit approval of Bernardo Mattarella – number one of the majority shareholder Mediocredito centrale (Mcc) – to the holder of the Ministry of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri (Pd), a place on the next board of directors of Banca Popolare di Bari: in the list presented by Mcc for the board of the Popolare di Bari there is, among other things, Cinzia Capano, former Pd deputy and former councilor for the Municipality of Bari with mayor Michele Emiliano. Here are all the details.


Gianni De Gennaro, former president of Leonardo, former undersecretary of state and former chief of police, a man very attached to the Services for having also been head of the Dis ( who is right then as president of a bank? ) Is the candidate of Mcc for the presidency of the Popolare di Bari, of which the public company has 97%. The managing director will be the new general manager Giampiero Bergami, former top manager of Monte dei Paschi di Siena (here the in-depth analysis of Start Magazine ).


Mcc's list, which proposes a board of seven, also includes Elena De Gennaro, financial director of Mcc, the Apulian lawyers Bartolomeo Cozzoli, Roberto Fusco and Cinzia Capano, former PD deputy and former councilor for the Municipality of Bari with mayor Michele Emiliano , now governor, and university professor Paola Girdinio.


The assembly is on October 15, when the extraordinary administration of commissioners Antonio Blandini and Enrico Ajello will expire.


But it is on Capano that the attention, often critical, of political circles linked to government opposition is concentrating. The lawyer Capuano, among other things, as evidenced by his curriculum, already works on behalf of the Apulian institute commissioned by the Bank of Italy, then saved by the state through Mcc (bank controlled by Invitalia, owned by the Mef): " He currently deals with legal assistance and labor consultancy on behalf of Banca Popolare di Bari ”, reads.


Capano is politically linked to Emiliano of whom he was councilor in the municipality of Bari. So even before the Region has a stake in the Popolare di Bari – as already announced – invoked the re-elected president of the Puglia Region by defeating Raffaele Fitto – Mcc di Mattarella, Invitalia by Domenico Arcuri and the Treasury by Roberto Gualtieri and Alessandro Rivera (the general manager of Mef) have facilitated a welcome presence for Emiliano on the next board of Banca Popolare di Bari.


lawyer Cinzia Capano
Graduated in law in 1979 and immediately began to advocate in judgments before the Labor Court. He enrolled in the Bar of Bari on 4.07.1981 and on September 23, 2016 in the Register of Cassationists. In the almost forty-year professional activity of civil lawyer and labor lawyer, in the early years he mainly dealt with labor law and in particular in health matters.
  • In 1981 he obtained the first substantive judgments on the right to contingency allowance for doctors who have an agreement for the specialist in the field of health reform and in particular for the agreement with radiologists and cardiologists
  • He deals with the institution of incentives for hospital and university doctors, obtaining numerous favorable sentences for gynecologists
  • She was a member of the defense committee set up by the President of the ASLBA / 10 following the entry into force of the reform of the national health service, for the management of the litigation of several hundred cases that followed and which was led by the late prof. Michele Costantino full professor of private law at the University of Bari . The dispute was created by the transition from the system of mutualist visits to those of family doctors and the consequent dysfunctions in the preparation of the lists of patients and in the optimal doctor-patient relationship and was brought to complete settlement within a few years.
  • litigation relating to professional training operators against training bodies
  • Litigation concerning the recognition of the higher qualification and the relative remuneration of the young people hired pursuant to Law 285/77 through the production and labor cooperatives, obtaining favorable sentences and the correct classification of over a hundred employees in the regional role. Unfortunately it is not possible to indicate the numbers of these judgments, having developed in the years between 1980 and 1990, so there is no longer the obligation to keep the documentation and for the same reason of seniority not included in the Polisweb telematic system.
  • She has also dealt with disputes relating to the conferral of managerial positions of simple and complex units
  • She subsequently dealt with medical liability cases
  • Currently, she continues her professional activity in civil and labor law matters, also dealing with insolvency procedures having been repeatedly appointed as Bankruptcy Trustee no. 14651/2005 rf and no. legal assistance and labor consultancy on behalf of Banca Popolare di Bari
  • For the Puglia Region he deals with cases relating to medical liability, recovery of ROP fund contributions and enforcement of insurance policy on revoked concessions

Public administrator activity

Parallel to his professional activity, he has gained experience and competence in the quality of councilor from July 2004 to September 2006 as councilor of the Municipality of Bari for investee companies, and from September 2006 to May 2008 for the budget, taxes on community policies, labor policies and to litigation. In this role, she was responsible for rewriting local tax regulations. In the years from 2004 to 2009, she was president of the ATO Waste BA / 2 and in this capacity she disciplined the closure of the waste cycle, obtaining 14 million euros of POR funds for the construction of the biostabilization plant in AMIU. In 2008 she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the Puglia constituency and worked in the Justice Commission carrying out the following activity.

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