Here’s where the Green pass will be needed

Here's where the Green pass will be needed

Green pass: what the council of ministers decided on the extension and what the prime minister, Mario Draghi, said at a press conference

The decree provides for a more extensive use of the green pass from 6 August. But Draghi alludes to other rules on which the government wants to apply "from next week". The areas left out of the decree, he says, are: school, work and public transport. Will the subject of the compulsory vaccine for teachers return to the table? "We will make every effort to ensure that everyone is among the benches in attendance from day one." And also on making workplaces and public transport vehicles "impermeable" to the virus, Draghi's approach is the opposite of that expressed by Salvini, contrary to any vaccination obligation.

Let's see what happened yesterday.

The Council of Ministers has given the green light to the new Covid decree law.

“The economy is doing well, it is recovering and Italy is growing at an even faster rate than other European countries. The Delta variant is even more threatening than other variants, ”Prime Minister Mario Draghi said at a press conference after the Council of Ministers.

Italians get vaccinated, they must protect themselves and their families, is the appeal of Draghi who made it clear that the green pass is not an arbitration but a condition for not closing production activities.

"To date we have inoculated 105 doses per 100 inhabitants, like Germany, more than France and the USA", said Draghi again.

“Summer is already serene and we want it to remain so – explained the prime minister -. The Green pass is a measure with which citizens can continue to carry out activities with the guarantee of finding themselves among people who are not contagious. It is a measure that gives serenity, not that takes away serenity "

"Without vaccination, everything must be closed again", the premier insisted: "Appeal not to get vaccinated is an appeal to die," he said in response to the Repubblica journalist who cited Matteo Salvini's recent statements on vaccines.

“Summer is already peaceful and we want it to remain so. The green pass is a measure to be able to have fun, go to restaurants, participate in outdoor and indoor shows with the guarantee of finding yourself with people who are not contagious. The green pass is a measure that gives serenity and does not take away serenity ”. Mario Draghi said.

THE MEASURES OF THE DECREE: GREEN PASS (currently out of transport, school and work)

Indoor restaurants and bars, only if consumed at the table. And then shows, events and sports competitions, but also spas, swimming pools, gyms, team sports if carried out indoors. And finally, festivals and fairs, theme parks, congresses and competitions, game rooms, bingo and casinos. From 6 August, the green pass will be needed to access it and therefore be vaccinated with at least one dose or be healed from Covid for 6 months or swab 48 hours earlier. Those who hoped to use the pass to go to the disco will have to give it up: the dance clubs, even those outdoors, will remain closed and in fact the Government will soon dismiss the refreshments for the sector: we are talking about 20 million already foreseen by the Dl Sostegni BIS.

This in summary the decree approved yesterday in the Council of Ministers.

Intensive care at 20% and 30% for the medical areas to become orange and at 30 and 40% respectively to enter the red zone. These are the parameters for the color change of the regions developed in the control room, according to what Ansa learns .

The discos will remain closed. This was decided by the control room that met at Palazzo Chigi. No access, therefore, not even for Green pass holders. The League in the control room would have insisted on the opening, with new rules, underlines the Ansa .

The obligation of a Green pass for cinemas and theaters arrives, but the number of spectators admitted to attend it is increasing, both indoors and outdoors.

In the yellow zone you will enter the cinema and theater with Green pass, mask and spacing, but spectators will be able to go outdoors from the current 1000 up to a maximum of 2500 and indoors from 500 to 1000. While in the white area, where they are now established capacity limits, an outdoor roof of 5000 people and an indoor roof of 2500 people is set.

To carry out sporting activities indoors, it will be mandatory to show the green pass. The list of activities includes: swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities.


"The green COVID-19 certification referred to in the first period is also issued at the same time as the administration of a single dose of a vaccine after a previous SARS-COV 2 infection and is valid from the fifteenth day following administration". This is what we read in the new Covid DL.

"As of August 6, 2021, access to the following services and activities in the white area is allowed in the white zone only to those with one of the COVID-19 green certifications: a) catering services provided by any establishment" for the consumption at the table, indoors; b) shows open to the public, sporting events and competitions c) museums, other cultural institutes and places and exhibitions; d) swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities; e) festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses referred to in article 7; f) spas, theme and amusement parks; g) cultural centers, social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities and with the exclusion of educational centers for infancy, including summer centers, and related catering activities; h) gaming halls, betting halls, bingo halls and casinos, as per article 8-ter; i) public competitions ".


“To date, more than 40 million green certifications have been downloaded by Italians. A significant and important ". This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, during the press conference at the Multifunctional Hall of the Presidency of the Council. “Before this decree we used the green pass tool for some situations in particular – added Speranza – for example, to participate in a wedding the green pass was already used, as if to enter an RSA to visit a loved one. With this decree we extend the use of this tool to other activities and services quite significantly. For example, these include catering services for indoor consumption, shows open to the public, sports events and competitions and places such as swimming pools, gyms, wellness centers, spas, theme and amusement parks, social centers. , cultural and recreational activities and the activities of amusement arcades, bingo halls and casinos and bankruptcy procedures ".

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