How long will Conte last? Historical facts, courses and appeals

How long will Conte last? Historical facts, courses and appeals

The crisis of the Conte government between news, history and political analysis

I have to live in a strange environment, attend and share singular people if I felt in the very modest 5 percent of the "interested" in the government crisis calculated by one of the polls whose results I learned by seeing last night's episode of Giovanni's TV show Floris, on the 7. Of course, I speak of interested in the sense of not against, confident only that the crisis will not be wasted, as Il Foglio hopes, for example. All the others, much more numerous, are in various ways contrary: even 7 out of 10 according to Alessandra Ghisleri in La Stampa .

Well, it is really true that the polls should be taken with a grain of salt, not mistaken for ascertained truths, as Massimo D'Alema did by crediting the representation of Conte as the "most popular" man in Italy and Matteo Renzi as the "more unpopular" man, a shaman who is stubborn to question the prime minister. Evidently, having given him his trust a year and a half ago, having indeed promoted his stay at Palazzo Chigi after the breakup with Salvini, he should have felt committed to sharing all his decisions and conduct at all times. Yet even marriages have long since ceased to be indissoluble.

The emergency is invoked, which certainly exists, moreover of various kinds, to support the irrationality, indeed the scandal of the crisis pursued by Renzi as the result of a long verification of the majority first opposed by Conte, then suffered, finally managed with slow motion, until the prime minister declared himself "impatient" and started "running". But he did so by aiming to arrive in the Senate to replace the Renzians with some “responsible” refugees from the center-right, gathered more or less in dribs and drabs. As if a majority of this type, moreover challenged by Silvio Berlusconi in 2010, in less worrying times than now, was more adequate to the various emergencies in progress and Mattarella was available to allow it without the formal passage of a crisis.

Among the cries of alarm and protests I find more singular than all but those of Marco Travaglio and the grillini, basically really "interested" by elective affinities, let's say, in saving Conte from "Italy Virus", rather than alive without of 3 percent of the votes underlined by the cartoonist Giannelli in the Corriere della Sera, but those of the Democratic Party. Whose deputy secretary Andrea Orlando tried to extinguish the fire of the crisis no later than last Sunday by invoking two previous ones, but as an own goal, as we shall see.

“History – Orlando told the press – tells us of coalitions in which personalities coexisted who certainly did not love each other. Without going back to Togliatti and De Gasperi ”, who in any case broke up in 1947 without ever reconciling,“ just remember Craxi and De Mita. Prodi and D'Alema themselves did not love each other madly ”, like Conte and the Viking Renzi of these hours.

Well, the sordid game between Craxi and De Mita ended in 1987 with the ousting of Craxi from Palazzo Chigi, even if the secretary of the DC De Mita had to wait a year to succeed him, and lasted only 13 months. The equally sordid game between Prodi and D'Alema resulted in the autumn of 1998 with the defenestration of Prodi, also from Palazzo Chigi, even if D'Alema took his place to last only a year and a half, and with two governments . Stuff, if evoked today, to conjure up Conte.

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