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How robotics and digital innovation are transforming production processes

How robotics and digital innovation are transforming production processes

Topics and insights from the latest issue of the quarterly Start Magazine

The new issue of the quarterly Start Magazine , the first of 2023, is dedicated to the expansion of robotics and the diffusion of Artificial Intelligence in global production processes. A point on one of the basic themes of innovative development, emphasized in recent months by the market entry of the ChatGPT chatbot , with which our collaborators also enjoyed talking.

But the in-depth discussion on the pages of the quarterly is naturally more extensive. All the authors help to provide an articulated and competent picture of a phenomenon in the making: from the analysis of the sectors in which robotics takes the fastest steps (health, aerospace, military, journalism, sport) to the global competition on the innovation front , up to the themes that touch the interaction between robots and men. In addition to the global vision of the process, the situation in Italy is also addressed and the new Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, in one of the first all-round interviews illustrates the projects to bring the Italian school up to the technological challenge.

The analysis also addresses the most critical aspects linked to the diffusion of robotics, such as that linked to the risks of mass unemployment. The man who becomes superfluous, replaced by machines in his productive functions. But the data provided so far by specialized institutes do not corroborate these concerns. Indeed, one of the great problems of advanced economies at the moment is on the contrary that of the shortage of workers, so much so that somewhere (in Germany for example) the question is whether tools such as ChatGPT can help make up for the teacher shortage.

If anything, what emerges is the complementarity between man and machine, provided we know how to manage automation. Because in some cases of daily life the automation applied to services will need to be improved, to prevent systems designed to simplify the relationship with users from turning into traps with no way out.

Man remains necessary and fundamental and the main road is the conscious and constructive use of technologies. The machine has no end, it is we who give it to it: it is the right message to face this innovative challenge fearlessly and courageously, because we humans are always at the beginning and at the end of the technological chain.

As usual, the issue is completed with a series of additional articles and essays on energy, cyber security, Southern Italy and innovation.

The following have participated in this issue with articles or interviews: Alessandro Alviani, Alessandro Aresu, Giacinto Barresi, Stefano Caliciuri, Francesco De Felice, Alessandro De Nicola, Filippo De Nicola, Diego De Simone, Marco Dell'Aguzzo, Ivo Germano, Mauro Giansante, Andrea Gilli, Mauro Gilli, Eugenio Giovanardi, Stefano Grazioli, Paola Liberace, Vittorio Macioce, Paolo Passaro, Gianguido Piani, Chiara Rossi, Maurizio Stefanini, Giuseppe Valditara, Ubaldo Villani-Lubelli.

The number can be downloaded free of charge in the digital pdf version at the following link .

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