How the nostalgics of Conte grumble

How the nostalgics of Conte grumble

The Scratches of Damato

Now that the Istituto Superiore della Sanità – not the spokesperson for the new Prime Minister, in office for three months, or the new extraordinary commissioner for the viral pandemic, in office even less – has announced "the collapse of infections", as headlined the Corriere della Sera , specifying that 35 days after the administration of the first dose of the vaccine hospital admissions decreased by 90 percent and deaths by 95, who is going to tell him to Giuseppe Conte's friends? Who seemed the man of Providence ignobly removed from Palazzo Chigi with a plot, or something like that, and now hangs in the void on the task given him by Beppe Grillo to re-establish a Movement hanging in turn from the coffer – so to speak – by Davide Casaleggio. Who, now short of money, keeps the list of members tight as the last treasure left to him.

Massimo Giannini in the Press – recently accused by the former Prime Minister of making an immoderate cheer for Draghi, also challenging the historical advice of Charles Maurice de Talleyrand to moderation in servitude – realistically urged to "put the nostalgics who in the buildings and in the newspapers they still persist in observing the present with the spectacles of the past and repeating every time “when Conte was there”. For them now all that remains is to daydream about the crisis of the Draghi government as a result of the ongoing paper war between the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta and the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini: an open war is not known by whom – even if it seems to me from Letta to give substance to the empty party secretariat inherited from Nicola Zingaretti – but daily re-proposed by the newspapers as if Rome were Jerusalem and Italy the State of Israel. “ The dirty war ”, Lucio Caracciolo called yesterday, again in the press , the one that exploded in the Middle East. However, I find it difficult to identify Enrico Letta with Benjamin Netanyahu and Matteo Salvini with Isma'hil Hanijel, leader of Hamas, also because even on the Middle Eastern tragedy the secretary of the Democratic Party was overtaken by the Northern League leader in defense of Israel. And I think it will be difficult for him to recover even on this side.

War for war, albeit fortunately of a different tone and content, let me address a thought of gratitude to the much mistreated – by Conte's nostalgics – General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo . To whose decorations the cartoonist of the Fatto Quotidiano had added caciocavalli and roast chickens, betting on a tragicomic epilogue of his adventure.

I do not know if the general, like the prime minister, accepted the post and renounced his remuneration. If not, I hope they have given him one not so much up to his rank as to the value of his performance, unlike Massimo D'Alema complained that his comrades from the cultural federation of European socialists did with him. That after having paid him so badly as president and lecturer, they also asked him for half a million euros back, making him a cause in Brussels that is basically emblematic of the inglorious end of communism in our home. Home, I repeat, not Cosa, which Michele Santoro now takes care of like a hound, having lost track of it.

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