Hydrogen, which are the Italian companies involved in the new EU project

Hydrogen, which are the Italian companies involved in the new EU project

Hy2Use, the second major European hydrogen project, involves four Italian companies. Here are names, partners and businesses

On Wednesday, the European Commission approved a € 5.2 billion package of public funds for the development of a renewable and low-carbon hydrogen supply chain: that is, "green" hydrogen (obtained from electricity produced from renewable sources) and “blue” hydrogen (obtained from gas but capturing emissions through specific technologies), in jargon.


The name of the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) is "Hy2Use": it brings together thirty-five projects and twenty-nine companies located in thirteen member states of the European Union: Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands , Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

According to estimates, it should allow to generate private funding of 7 billion euros for the development of a fuel useful for decarbonisation plans – it can replace hydrocarbons in heavy industries and in transport difficult to electrify, for example – but still very expensive, especially in its green variant.


Hy2Use is the second major European project of common interest on hydrogen.

The first – called "Hy2Tech", worth € 5.4 billion – was presented last July and focuses on the development of technologies for the production, storage, transport and distribution of hydrogen, as well as on its applications in mobility. Among the thirty-five companies involved were Ansaldo Energia , Fincantieri, Enel, Bosch, Orsted, Plastic Omnium and Daimler.

Hy2Use, on the other hand, aims at the commercialization of hydrogen technologies in the cement, steel and glass sectors: they are all industries that consume large quantities of energy (they are called "energy-intensive", in fact), which use fossil fuels to power their production processes and which are therefore difficult to decarbonise ( hard-to-abate , in jargon).


The Italian companies involved in Hy2Use, reports S&P Global , are four: NextChem, RINA Consulting – Materials Development Center, SardHy Green Hydrogen and South Italy Green Hydrogen.

NextChem operates in the field of green chemistry and technologies for the energy transition. It is part of the Maire Tecnimont group, an Italian engineering-energy company listed on the Milan stock exchange: the president Fabrizio Di Amato, through GLV Capital, owns 70.8 percent of the shares, while the UAE fund Arab Development Establishment has 3.2 percent.

RINA Consulting – Materials Development Center carries out research and development and engineering consultancy activities for companies: it focuses in particular on materials, hydrogen and the circular economy. It is part of the Genoese group RINA, which mainly deals with infrastructure and energy, 70% controlled by the Italian Naval Registry.

SardHy Green Hydrogen is a limited liability company of electrolysis plants, the process necessary for the production of green hydrogen. It is based in Sarroch (Cagliari), where the Saras refinery is also located.


According to the Commission's estimates, Hy2Use investments will allow the construction of 3.5 gigawatts of new electrolysis capacity, for a production of 340 thousand tons of green hydrogen per year.

Il Sole 24 Ore writes that the entire IPCEI should be completed by 2036, with some projects already active between 2024 and 2026.

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