If phoning. The very secret conversation between Giorgio Parisi and Giorgia Meloni …

If phoning. The very secret conversation between Giorgio Parisi and Giorgia Meloni ...

The surreal (imaginary) phone call between the Nobel laureate Giorgio (Parisi) and Giorgia (Meloni), president of the Brothers of Italy, after the results of the elections. The semi-serious italics by Battista Falconi

– Pvontooo …

– Yes, who is it?

– I am pvofessov Giovgio Pavisi, can I pavlarve with the honorable Meloni pev favove?

– My handsome professor, it's me! Nice to meet you, good morning, why are you calling me? Frankly, I don't think you are a fan of mine, a follower of mine, who voted for Fratelli d'Italia. Tell me who has chosen? Communist party, communist workers' party, anti-fascist progressive democratic Italy, people's union? No, I ask only out of curiosity, no critic, indeed to me 'these little parties make me' a lot of sympathy, I am forcloristici.

– Well, in the past I have also said, in fact I vifevisco this avea pvogvessista. Cevto pvefevivei votave a united, compact leftist, in defense of the divides of the lavovatovi …

(a moment of silence, then they burst out laughing together) Oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah!

– Oh God, me you died, left united, workers, my beautiful mother, not even at the time of Cossutta looks, but not even Tojatti. As if I were speaking of Mussolini! What then, if I did, many of mine would be happy, oh: these nun vonno really understood how he plays and how he wins. They have not understood that I know 'mejo de Mourinho. Listen, you were already nice to me but now I realized that you are really a shape. We can give you, can I call you 'Giorgio?

– But cevto, with pleasure… Giovgia! Ha, ha, ha (they burst out laughing together again) . Well, as the ancients said "nomen est omen".

– And sure, how not? But I move myself with modern languages, do you know that I am a linguistic graduate? (he turns to his family, makes a sign as if to say: eh, in short, more or less).

– Yes, yes I know (he too turns to his parents, covers the microphone and whispers: albevghievo) . Listen hollow, in sympathy, if I may ask you one thing, you know that the pvesidente Mattavella has deputed a delegation of scientists, who have illustrated the tevvibile climatic visi, the antvopogenetic global wavming. I know that even your pavtito has adevito the lovo appeal.

– Yes, yes, even if those who asked us are all ticks, but how could we only say no? And then look that even among my people there are many ecologists, indeed the first to talk about these things in Italy since we were, with the Ecological Research Groups, with Alessandro di Pietro (he covers the microphone: Bono that!) .

– Here, I'm happy, relieved.

– The only thing, my Giorgio, is that heavy thirst, complaining, catastrophists. Me wall Letta: but have you ever seen him 'na vorta, I don't say he laughs but I don't even have a smile? Can you imagine that if he tells '' a joke? Mo, Berlusconi will have all the flaws in the world, he has the age of Tutankamon and nun ze vo 'he takes it out of the way, but' and jokes know them…

– Yes, yes, perfectly starting, figuvati, I have a cavatteve divvso. Wait a moment (he walks away and you hear music playing) .

– Aho, what is it? Ah yes, er sirtaki, yes, yes, I know you dance. I pure, but 'n artro genre: zumba, paso doble, jive … Oh, but nun is that now that I won you go to exile on' n 'Greek island? What then: sea, beer, salad, it would not be bad. Artro that the life that awaits me. By the way, now that we think …

– Yup? Tell me.

– Listen, but could you not give me a hand? You are 'n big head, with you on' this big mess de la guera, China, Russia, America, and then the pandemic, well I'd be more calm. How is it that you say about the commercial?

– Pvoblema complex simple solution.

– Here, in fact, just tell me what you do: curtura, school, research. What you.

– Well, I think about it, thank you for the offer. I have to vifletteve, I have my studies.

– Artrimenti, sorry, you take care of starlings, right? Well, there you might find a bollard that works for pigeons and budgies too. And for the wild boars, of course. Oh, Rome has become 'na aviary,' no zoo. In any case, in a little while, if you vote, you'll see, and I'll make a pure bank here.

– Well, but Gualtievi is moving well. Even with the vigassificove.

– Wait, here! You are busy with gas, with the story of coce the pasta with the fire out. Ebbè, make me er minister of the economy, or of energy, indeed both!


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