I’ll explain where the anti-Renzism of the Pd company comes from

I'll explain where the anti-Renzism of the Pd company comes from

The hail of accusations that came to the former premier Renzi from his own former party comrades, of which he was secretary, is striking. A method identical to the anti-craxism passed through to anti-Berlusconi … Italics by Paola Sacchi

Author of "a very serious act against Italy"; "Insane"; "Irresponsible". Perhaps the most tender adjective for Matteo Renzi who came from the Democratic Party was: “Completely unreliable “.

However, the political crisis will end, the hail of accusations reached the former prime minister from his own former party companions of which he was secretary is striking.

It is true that in a certain left, especially post-communist, the syndrome of the internal or neighboring enemy, one who is considered as a traitor, for whom an even harsher treatment is used than for external political opponents, is an old man, age-old vice hard to die, but certain words, thrown like stones, cannot go unnoticed.

Even if the duelists were to clear up, in politics never say never (Gianfranco Fini also said: never again have a coffee with Umberto Bossi) it seems to have come out all a certain resentment towards those who have been experienced as a foreign body by the so-called " firm ", which passed from the PCI-PDS-DS to the Democratic Party or the union between post-communists and post-Christian Democrats of the left.

Here it is not a question of being Renzi, but it is impossible not to see traces of an identical method that started with anti-Craxism, which passed through anti-Berlusconi and has now landed on anti-Renzism. The three "anti" stigmatized yesterday by Giampiero Mughini on TV in Tonight Italy , but who were already mulling over the head of various external observers, including the writer, after that first bombastic accusation of the Pd leader Nicola Zingaretti: "Very serious act against Italy" .

To the list of "anti" – "isms", which have dotted the political history of a certain left for almost thirty years, I would add the same anti-Salvinism, even if it could seem reckless since Renzi himself fell for some teased.

But, even though it is not a question here too of being Salvinians, this does not mean that now we can ignore the treatment reserved for the leader of IV by his own former party. From which, moreover, more or less ironic parallels with Papeete had already reached him.

The fact remains that however the crisis ends, the issues raised by the former prime minister are there for all to see. They focus on growth, the other dramatic face of the pandemic. That same request to face the economic crisis that is found in the demands of the center-right opposition, apart from differentiations such as the Mes sanitary with respect to the Lega and FdI.

Italy model? “The highest number of deaths, the lowest GDP”, Renzi denounced. While the authoritative German newspaper Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung is tranchant on the Conte / 2 government accused of wanting to "distribute the money of Brussels on the basis of political and clientelist calculations". And he warns: "In doing so, Italy would miss the objectives of the Recovery fund aimed at obtaining reforms and greater growth".

And here it is not a question of "anti-isms" against political leaders deemed inconvenient in one way or another.

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