I’ll tell you about Berlusconi’s Berlusconi pro Conte

I'll tell you about Berlusconi's Berlusconi pro Conte

Reactions and effects of the move orchestrated by Silvio Berlusconi to vote for the so-called budget variance that also makes the much-blamed 5 Stars so happy

Even at the cost – I fear – of blowing up the toilet bowl on which his old, loyal, obstinate friend Antonio Martino, interviewed for Il Foglio by Carmelo Caruso, had tried to dissuade him, or to go slower, or to lengthen "the lemonade ”in preparation, Silvio Berlusconi has therefore managed to be obeyed by his parliamentarians, but even more by his reluctant center-right allies. And to save the government of Giuseppe Conte from the rock of the so-called budget gap. That with its further eight billion in expenses agreed with the Cavaliere also passed almost unanimously between the Chamber and the Senate: in the Chamber with 552 yes, no votes against and 6 abstentions, in the Senate with 278 yes, 4 votes against and as many abstentions .

I imagine the relief of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, forced in this strange legislature of emergencies superimposed on each other to a substitute that will exercise fine by constitutionalists and historians. I also think of the scorn of hard and pure grillini like Marco Travaglio, who on the eve had defined "external competition" in the usual mafia association the only offer that the always hated Knight, from any part of the world he sent his messages, could make to government that wanted to ask him for a hand. Now Travaglio is there to threaten or demand early elections, not even knowing whether to laugh or cry.

But I imagine above all – I repeat – the disappointment of the disenchanted and very liberal Martino, admittedly "constipated" in relations with a movement like that of the 5 Stars, which he endured so little that he had given up on running again in the last elections so as not to meet any grillino in Parliament. Even the pentastellato that seems to have succeeded better, the current Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, therefore his successor, albeit far away at the Farnesina, remained for Martino "the San Paolo's borer steel": the stadium in Naples which is about to be named after the good soul of Maradona.

Already on the toilet bowl, before seeing it and hearing it explode, Martino had confided to Foglio , knowing the political sadism of which his friend is capable, to equally expect for December 22 the usual cordial call from Berlusconi for the 78 years that the former minister will complete in the rubble of his bathroom.

I do not know if and how much political effort it cost the head of the delegation of the Democratic Party to the government, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Dario Franceschini, the scappello he wanted to make to Berlusconi. Of which he appreciated the "choice of responsibility, which politically forced all the center-right forces to change lines and adapt". Chapeau ”, Franceschini said, amid the protests of Giorgia Meloni, who perhaps wanted some recognition too. Certain news is lacking from the now former driving force Matteo Salvini.

Accustomed, also due to his Christian Democratic origins and a certain harmony with the experience, the teachings, the history of Aldo Moro , to project himself more on tomorrow than on the day before yesterday, apart from some recurring opportunistic temptations of Dorothean derivation, Franceschini sent a signal that could be even deafening for the grillini. And really open a new season in the Democratic Party. Stefano Folli is perhaps not wrong to write in Repubblica that "changes the scene" and "nothing is the same as before". Labor will deride, as usual, the carryover of the scalp.

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