I’ll tell you about Forza Italia’s latest Berlusconate

I'll tell you about Forza Italia's latest Berlusconate

Is Forza Italia more Contiana or Salvinian?

Although poor in quality, the photo that Silvio Berlusconi wanted to be disseminated of the "summit" – as Corriere della Sera defined it – held in his villa in Sardinia was to serve to restore a compact image of Forza Italia after months confusing, to say the least.

One day or in an hour of the same day the Cavaliere party seemed at least in the anteroom of the majority, eager to enter it and also pushed by the surprise auspices of unsuspected ones like the former Prime Minister Romano Prodi, several times direct rival of Berlusconi in the so-called Second Republic, and also victorious, but with too short of breath to resist at Palazzo Chigi more than two years at a time. Another day, or at another hour of the same day, Forza Italia seemed eager not to say like Matteo Salvini's League, for heaven's sake, but in its own way of seeing the end of the season of the government "of the four left ”, As Berlusconi himself occasionally returns to define the one in office chaired by Giuseppe Conte with too much ease, perhaps even in clothing. Even once the Knight liked him, probably recognizing in the clothes of the Apulian professor the hand of some tailor perhaps in common.

If we are at the words, since after the summit the first to speak was – with an interview with Doubt – the group leader of the Chamber Mariastella Gelmini, the prevailing air in Forza Italia should be decidedly unfavorable to the government, destined according to Gelmini to one autumn eviction due to the predictable outcome of the regional and municipal elections of 20 September. In which the grillini no longer risk anything, after what they have already lost for two years now in any type of appointment with the polls, but the Democratic Party risks the neck bone.

Yet there is something about that photo that makes me doubt the completely opposing outcome of the force "summit": the particularly smiling figure in the foreground of Gianni Letta, perhaps the most Berlusconian of all the guests, including men, women and dogs: even more than the landlord. Well, seeing Letta and imagining him fighting – pardon the pun – against Conte, after all I have read and heard about his relations with the Prime Minister, seems frankly impossible. Letta is a man who turns pale to see an edge and does not rest until he has smoothed it into a very sweet curve.

Even at the sheet of Giuliano Ferrara and Claudio Cerasa, where they still write with the friendship and sympathy of Berlusconi, who remained "our love" even after having lost it as a substantial editor, or patron, they summarized or presented the "summit" with this title by Forza Italia: “The Cav and the (re) right turn of Villa Certosa, in the climate of the end of the empire”. Which mercilessly the irreducible enemies from the position of the Fatto Quotidiano see threatened no longer or not only by the former "royal baby" Matteo Renzi, as the founder and still founder of the Foglio defined the then Prime Minister and now the leader of Italia Viva, but also or even from the Action, understood as a movement, of the former minister Carlo Calenda. From which the Honorable Enrico Costa has just been "captured".

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