I’ll tell you about Goffredo Bettini’s latest bets

I'll tell you about Goffredo Bettini's latest bets

Words and somersaults in the umpteenth interview by Goffredo Bettini (struggling with sciatica)

Blocked by sciatica in a "bare" house, where a journalist from Fatto Quotidiano went to interview him, Goffredo Bettini was convinced in his solitary reflections that the Democratic Party, not the 5 Star Movement grappling with the "new responsibilities to face", mysteriously mentioned to him by Beppe Grillo himself in recent days in the hall of the Customs and Monopolies, he is "at the center of Italian political life". At the center as once was the DC, with its many votes and the alliances that revolved around its parliamentary numbers, even when it was rescued with external support by Enrico Berlinguer's PCI, dear – I believe – to Bettini's memory.

In the proud and a little too forced demand – will you allow me – the role of his party, now back on the path of the left, no longer reaching out to keep "the votes of the Parioli" but to win those of "Tor Bella Monica", that is suburbs, Bettini naturally reserved some recognition for the grillini. With the air of the then still young, strong and generous Massimo D'Alema, who in 1996 certified the political edibility of the League as a "rib of the left", Bettini said of the Grillino movement which is "the mirror of many of our failures". To look at which, therefore, the great friend, adviser and much more of the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti is very sorry, but also very pleased seeing what under the five stars they have been able to do by bringing the lost sheep back on track.

In this idyllic framework of relations between the first and second parties of the current governing coalition, however, one thing escaped from Bettini, as indeed from Zingaretti in the closing speech, a few days ago, of the national celebration of Unification in Modena . He escaped, let's say, the warning to the grillini who, however, at this point, after all that has been done but in the face of the many problems that have evidently accumulated in the rocky and "central" Pd, not surprisingly with a very difficult round of regional and municipal elections, one "phase" has closed and another must open. In short, we are in that “phase 2”, although not exactly called that, which cost the lives of other governments of which I think Bettini was pleased: those, for example, albeit short, by Romano Prodi and Massimo D'Alema.

This phase that we could call one more, given that number 2 is superstitiously discouraged, should serve the "reconstruction" – again in the words of Bettini – which requires "a more united alliance, consisting not of forces that compete bitterly with each other but on the contrary, capable of elaborating a common vision on the future of the country ”.

Well, from these forces Matteo Renzi , although recently encouraged by Bettini to grow electorally and politically at the expense of the moderate part of the center-right, would be committing the imprudence of moving away due to the desire to be part of the "parlor" of the "strong powers" ", Who" buy newspapers "- not at the newsstand but on the boards of directors – so that they can attack and weaken Giuseppe Conte, guilty of being" free from external powers ".

This sudden change in Bettini's mood towards Renzi, with a government reshuffle that beats more and more at the gates after the hint made in this direction by the deputy secretary of the Pd Andrea Orlando, could be a complication for Conte's defense in which the same Bettini seems so busy.

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