I’ll tell you about Letta’s guerrilla warfare to the former Renzians of the Democratic Party

I'll tell you about Letta's guerrilla warfare to the former Renzians of the Democratic Party

How does the new secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta

The good Paolo Mieli in the editorial in Corriere della Sera , supporting Alessandro Trocino's chronicle on the changes underway in the Democratic Party, has somehow even drawn on the book of Genesis to write that "in just one week – so much has passed since elected secretary – Enrico Letta managed to do things that seemed impossible ”. In just one week, I repeat, including the seventh day reserved by God to rest and at the same time contemplate what he had done.

The last "challenge" of Letta and so on, again according to the headlines, consisted in ordering the party to wear women's shoes, with heels, I presume strictly in red: the color happily chosen in all the posters. and sketches of the sacrosanct campaigns against too many murders of women. Which the poor new secretary of the Democratic Party believes he has not repaired enough, at least with respect to the chauvinism recklessly practiced by his predecessor, observing the so-called gender equality in the appointment first of the two deputy secretaries, and then of the entire secretarial office.

No, just so as not to be mistaken for any Orbàn, as he himself explained in an interview, Letta asked the two parliamentary group leaders of the party, the Senate and the Chamber, to resign their offices – after having pardoned the head of the Piddina delegation to the European Parliament – to let two women elect, in fact. Or two females, whichever you prefer. And never mind if both – Andrea Marcucci in the Senate and Graziano Delrio in the Chamber – come from the Renzian current, despite not having followed in 2019 the exit of the senator of Scandicci, former secretary and former prime minister, from the Democratic Party in which he felt too much restricted.

Yet he had just persuaded the good Nicola Zingaretti to renounce the preventive electoral passage which he had publicly committed to immediately replace the ruling League by allying himself with the 5 Star Movement. And in addition, leaving Giuseppe Conte at Palazzo Chigi, after having claimed "discontinuity" at the first hint of the operation proposed by Renzi to prevent an early recourse to the polls destined, according to all the polls available on the market, to win a very strong center-right League traction, indeed Salvinian: from Matteo Salvini , of course, that of the Papete, the mojto and the "full powers" imprudently asked the voters to be able to govern quickly, in his own way, among more or less military suits, rosaries, images of the Madonna and crucifixes hanging from the neck, or kissed on the boxes of the rallies.

The complete feminization of the Democratic Party at least at the top of the parliamentary groups, lent itself to the common current origin of the outgoing presidents to the reading of a purge painted in pink, as we read in an ironic but not too much title of the Truth by Maurizio Belpietro, has created discontent, and not only surprise, among the chickens, let's call them that, destined for the almost Easter table, given that we are now close to the end of Lent. Delrio was the quickest and most explicit to complain about the "autonomy" compromised by the changing of the guard, indeed of the guards, requested by the secretary, even if – to tell the truth – a certain autonomy of the parliamentary groups, understood in a broad sense, is compromised for many years. It has been so, in particular, since elections are held with blocked lists, for which deputies and senators are appointed by the secretary on duty of their respective parties, even before they are elected.

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