I’ll tell you about the 5-star torments of Conte, Di Maio, Fico and Crimi

I'll tell you about the 5-star torments of Conte, Di Maio, Fico and Crimi

What happens in the 5 Star Movement struggling with the end of the Conte 2 government?

The 75 minutes spent by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico will also mean something, against ten or a little more enough for the meeting with the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati for the informative visits at the finally formal opening of the crisis. The devil, you know, hides in the details.

Conte had in the Senate, not in the Chamber, the problems that ultimately forced him to desist from attempts to overcome the crisis without even opening it, replacing in the majority the decisive parliamentarians of Matteo Renzi, who passed from trust to critical abstention, with others "Willing" from the center-right opposition or former grillini. It is therefore to the President of the Senate that the resigning President of the Council should have taken more time to inquire, for example, of the new group of "managers" in the pipeline, and proposed by him to Mattarella to accredit his candidacy for re-appointment for a government which he has already called "national salvation". Or, if he wanted to take advantage of the occasion controversially, to ask his interlocutor if she was satisfied with his resignation, after all the stinging outings of the lady against him. Which were usually collected by Conte in a silence offset by the attacks of his supporters for the neutrality violated by the President of the Senate.

From the grillino president of the Chamber, on the other hand, Conte has always had declarations and other messages of encouragement, or of understanding for the exceptional circumstances that have forced him frequently to resort too often, for example, to law decrees or, worse still, to decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers which govern very delicate matters without going through parliamentary scrutiny.

I do not think that the 75 minutes spent with Fico have served Conte to thank him for the niceties received: starting with the first dating back to 2018, when at the end of an exploration entrusted to him at the Quirinale the President of the Chamber reported encouraging the President of the Republic to train of a cricket-league government, with a yellow-green majority. It was Conte's turn to direct, albeit under the strict control of the vice presidents Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini.

The length of Conte's conversation with Fico can only be explained by the more than understandable need to gather reliable information on the magma that has become the 5 Star movement, where the President of the Chamber is certainly not the last wheel of the wagon. He is probably more aware of the political torments, tensions and anything else of the grillini than the regent Vito Crimi and the former boss Di Maio. I fear that the prime minister does not trust too much in the joint "Count or early elections". He knows he is "in the hands" not only of Renzi, as he has titled Repubblica , and of the "stabs" of the Democratic Party, as he has titled Il Fatto Quotidiano with the photos of Minister Lorenzo Guerini and of the Senate group leader Andrea Marcucci, but also of the grillini, in fact. Even with him, as with many other things, they are no longer the same as before, especially if the support for the resigning President of the Council were to really cost the dissolution of the Chambers where they still sit in many.

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