I’ll tell you about the latest 5-star convulsions between Grillo and Conte

I'll tell you about the latest 5-star convulsions between Grillo and Conte

What is happening in the 5 Star Movement. The Scratches of Damato

Who knows what the "last details" are, as Vito Crimi defined them in the announcement to the pentastellated parliamentarians, which Beppe Grillo and Giuseppe Conte reserved to define in a meeting or on the phone to complete the obviously incomplete agreement in the 5 Star Movement , which on the front pages of the newspapers even accompanied the victory of the Azzurri in the European football championships and, also in London, the historic tennis final lost with honor by the Italian Matteo Berrettini. The two – the founder and guarantor of the movement and the re-founder in charge, fired and summarized in the space of five months – wanted to participate in their own way in the magical night of the compatriots finally and patriotically euphoric at least on the sporting level.

One can fantasize a lot, between authentic or plausible backstories, first, second and third hand intuitions and information, as the case may be, on the details – I repeat – that can complete but also diabolically contradict the understanding on the tasks that the seven wise men appointed by Grillo after the break with Conte they assigned to the two. One, the founder, would be "guarantor and custodian of the principles and values ​​of political action" of the Movement projected towards Italy in 2050. The other, the re-founder and destined president would be "the sole owner and manager of the determination and implementation of the political direction ".

I do not go beyond the quotation marks of the announcement of the magical night under the five stars in order not to risk anathemas in the face of the hypersensitivity of both actors clashed and perhaps exhausted. Of Grillo we journalists must remember the desire once expressed, and never answered, with or without the appropriate excuses, to eat for the sake of being able to then "throw up" by sticking the usual two fingers in the mouth, without even groped to digest. Di Conte we discovered, after his exit from Palazzo Chigi, the meticulousness with which he follows chronicles and judgments on the successor Mario Draghi to urge the most favorable to the new Prime Minister to follow the advice given in distant times by Cardinal Alexandre de Talleyrand of do not be too zealous with the powerful on duty. Which in the case of Draghi is then the Prime Minister whom the Count himself publicly proposed, in his rapprochement with Grillo, to oppose the announced reform – or "schiforma", as the director of the Fatto Quotidiano Marco Travaglio calls it – of the prescription introduced in 2019 by the yellow-green majority. In force since 2020, and named after the then pentastellato Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede, it leaves the processes beyond the first degree of judgment indefinite.

The two or three years, according to the seriousness of the crimes, provided for by an amendment text prepared by the government in office for the appeal and the twelve or eighteen months for the ruling of the Supreme Court before incurring what the new Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia prefers to define "Impracticability" rather than prescription, would be an "anomaly" for Conte, a "shame" for his most fanatical supporters. Or a disguised amnesty, according to an interview still fresh from the press released to the Fatto Quotidiano by the chief prosecutor of Catanzaro Nicola Gratteri. Who by chance mentioned among the crimes destined to pay for the Draghi-Cartabia reform those of manslaughter and rape: manslaughter like the one that gave Grillo father many years ago the qualification of "prejudiced" that Travaglio is always ready to accuse every convict definitively, and Grillo son, a request for indictment, together with friends, in the court of Tempio Pausania for a night of "balls" – always said by Grillo father – spent in Arzachena in the summer of 2019 .

To the night two years ago in Sardinia, yesterday's "wickedness" of the newspaper of Travaglio compared in some way to that of last week at Palazzo Chigi. Where Draghi would have played with the grillini ministers like Ciro's friends with one of the two guests of the same age. "It was just a short while – says the fulminating italics of Fact – for Draghi to take a picture of himself with his pea on the sleeping 5S ministers".

I do not believe, for heaven's sake, that these will be the "details" of very little taste that Grillo and Conte have reserved to define on the path of clarifying their relations, even if, to tell the truth, in the dispute the supporters of the former president of the Council have entered the role of "Draghi stake" that the founder and guarantor of the 5 Star Movement, according to the headlines and chronicles of the Fatto Quotidiano , would have played last week by calling or just receiving a phone call from Draghi in difficulty with his ministers , then convinced by the comedian to the "sbraco", always according to the news and headlines of the Travaglio newspaper. Rather, Grillo and Conte will at least have to consult on the complications that their clash has produced in the relations between the Movement and the other parties of the majority, starting with the Democratic Party. Who defended as no longer could, almost like the two hated Mattei, Renzi and Salvini, the reform or the Cartabia-Draghi award on the prescription, or inadmissibility, and asked for guarantees on the duration of the current government until the ordinary elections of 2023.

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