I’ll tell you about the latest election fires

I'll tell you about the latest election fires

The Scratches of Damato

The election of Silvana Sciarra to the presidency of the Constitutional Court opens, among other things, the way – beyond the same intentions of the judges of the Council – to a legislature in which we could have gender equality at the top of the institutions, or what less to get closer to it than ever in the history of the Republic.

If Giorgia Meloni, sparing herself other mistakes in the very last days of this electoral campaign after the ones I will return to later, manages to become the first woman to lead a government in Italy, she will be able to pair at least for a year with President Sciarra for an equal gender at the institutional top, in fact, excluding the head of state and imagining two men as presidencies of the chambers.

If a woman were to manage to return to the presidency of the Senate or the Chamber in Parliament too, gender equality would be complete, including the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. We would have three women and three men, between the Quirinale, the opposite Consulta, Palazzo Chigi and the Chamber or Senate. I do not even dare to hypothesize a 4 to 3 to the advantage of women, if only not to do a wrong to poor Dario Franceschini, who tell me points to Montecitorio even in the event of the defeat of his Pd in ​​the elections by betting on the good taste of the center-right of leave to the opposition at least one of the presidencies of the Chambers.

At least on the level – I repeat – of gender equality, the legislature could therefore start off on the right foot. But, as I anticipated at the beginning, will Meloni manage not to compromise a victory that she too feels close at hand in the race for Palazzo Chigi? I wonder why the young leader of the Italian right – "conservative" as she is entitled to be recognized for the name of the European formation she presides, or "post-fascist" as her opponents in Italy and abroad prefer to define her, where some even call her a real fascist – she's a little carried away lately.

Not to go back to that "godsend" shouted in the square in Milan against the French, Germans and Dutch who would do their own thing in the European Union to the detriment of a passive Italy; or to that joint vote with the Northern League in the Strasbourg Parliament in favor of Hungary by Viktor Orbàn at the risk of community sanctions for the illiberalism he practices in his country, considering himself anointed by God and by the electors; in order not to go back, as I was saying, to these two bad precedents, which led Silvio Berlusconi to threaten not to let the forces into his government, or to let them out by sinking it, I frankly found the appeal that Meloni made for a victory wrong of Vox's Francoists in Spain in the wake of his in Italy.

Benedetta “Giorgia”, as all the newspapers now call her a little, even if her surname is even shorter for the headlines, because she lowers her guard so much on a side that is already so slippery at her home, and ours? It seemed to me sincerely that that meeting, or recent comitia with swollen veins on the neck in Andalusia, might be enough. It should also remember that it was born after Francoism, as well as after Fascism.

Finally, if you don't get impatient against an old political reporter, Mrs. Meloni, as her ally and metaphorical "father" Berlusconi sometimes calls her, I found her invective against the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese an authentic self-aim. for the whistles and even some uproar attempted against his rallies by the usual dissidents in a democratic competition.

Without wanting to be mischievous to the point of suspecting a deliberate excess of zeal by a minister already in the crosshairs of the ally and competitor of Meloni in the center-right who is Matteo Salvini, her predecessor at the Interior Ministry, they do not seem to me exactly a success for the candidate at Palazzo Chigi the batons and the like of the Police in his rally in Palermo. My God, lady, yes and spare us replies in the last 3 – I say three in letters – days of election campaign. Which would then be two considering that already on Saturday it will no longer be possible to initiate, provoke and be provoked.

On the other hand – and I close – also the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, perhaps to remedy what I consider the accident in Berlin, where he went to be sponsored for a minor defeat possible by the Social Democrats committed to denouncing the danger of the "post -fascism ”in Italy, he extended his hand to her in some way by giving an interview to the newspaper of the Berlusconi family titled in quotation marks, that is, with his words. like this: “Whoever wins rules, even if it is Meloni”. Perhaps a phone call of thanks would have been due to Letta nephew from the one that the secretary of the Nazarene also preferred in this electoral campaign as the main, if not the only antagonist.

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