I’ll tell you about the turmoil with Arcelor Mittal on Ilva

I'll tell you about the turmoil with Arcelor Mittal on Ilva

What happens with Arcelor Mittal on the Ilva dossier? The intervention of Roberto Benaglia, general secretary of Fim Cisl

Yesterday press conference of the three general secretaries of Fim, Fiom, Uilm simultaneously with the two-hour strike and the principals of the workers of the ArcelorMittal group 5 days before the deadline of November 30, the deadline for reaching an agreement between the government and the company.

Yesterday compared to what we can consider the mother of all disputes, we have not yet received answers on the contents of the agreement which, from what was reported to us from yesterday's meeting of the ad Morselli, will be formalized on 30 November next with a new corporate structure of the Group which will see public participation through Invitalia.

Against this, we expect precise answers on: investments, production, environmental and employment plan.

This year the Taranto site, which we remember is the largest steel industry in Europe, which until a few years ago contributed to generating 1% of the national GDP, will close 2020 with production at an all-time low, 3 million and 300 tons of production, a level never reached, less than half of what it produced before this dispute.

Re-launching a plant of this size and in a state of great neglect in terms of maintenance means making great efforts, not just financial. In this sense, after November 30, a fundamental game opens up for the trade union agreement. The agreement will be possible only if there are no redundancies. But it is not enough for us to know that between now and 2025 they will all be at work, we want to have certainty about times and things to do. Not only on production volumes but also industrial and environmental and commercial investments on maintenance and construction times. We cannot forget, in this sense, the situation of the 1700 workers currently in extraordinary administration who have been placed on layoffs in view of projects that have never been realized to date.

For this reason we think it is necessary also in the light of the announcements of investments for over a billion in Taranto by Prime Minister Conte that there is a union involvement to give a job relocation to all these workers.

Also on the table is the enhancement of the Genoa and Novi Ligure sites and all the other Group companies present in the country and in which it will be necessary to invest and implement concrete relaunch plans.

The sustainability and industrial and environmental relaunch of the Group and the Taranto site will depend on these factors. On November 30, therefore, a fundamental game opens in which everyone is called to participate, a sign of good will would be to make explicit the full involvement of workers. Creating strategic and surveillance committees to discuss the future of the site and what to do with workers would be a strong sign of hope and will.

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