Intesa Sanpaolo, as will be the one-off payment for bank employees

Intesa Sanpaolo, as will be the one-off payment for bank employees

Agreement between the unions and Intesa Sanpaolo on a one-off payment of 500 euros with the December monthly salary to support employees in dealing with price increases. Facts, numbers and comments

The trade union agreement between Fabi and the other trade union organizations and Intesa Sanpaolo has just been signed for the recognition of 500 euros for all male and female workers with the December monthly salary.


The union agreement signed, reports a note from Fabi, establishes, in addition to what was already disbursed by the bank last September, the disbursement of an additional 500 euros in the December paycheck to support the male and female workers of the Intesa Sanpaolo group for cope with the difficult economic context and price increases.


To support the purchasing power of its banks, Intesa Sanpaolo has put 87 million euros on the plate, for two one-off amounts of 500 euros that increase payrolls by a thousand euros in just over two months. The managing director and CEO Carlo Messina explains that «in a complex phase with increases in inflation that continue to affect spending capacity, we are renewing our attention and closeness to our people in a concrete way. Our leadership is built on their professionalism and expertise».


The first amount, in cash, arrived in September for a total value of 50 million euros, while the second was announced just yesterday evening and follows up on the provisions of the Quater Aid Decree on the tax reduction of fringe benefits up to 3 thousand euros: the bank has agreed with the unions to give a new amount of 500 euros in this way, for a total value of 37 million euros. They can also be used to support the costs of domestic utilities made in 2022.


Furthermore, the decree on the thresholds of Fringe Benefits has been published in the Official Gazette : with today's agreement, the tax opportunities of the increase from 600 to 3000 euros have also been seized. The bank will make available the procedure to be completed by 9 December to repay these 500 euros with the previous 500 euros in September (for a total of 1,000 euros) disbursed as part of the Fringe Benefits (colleagues will have to self-certify the use for electricity, water and gas bills).


As requested by Fabi and the other trade union organizations, the audience, compared to the bank's disbursement last September, has been enlarged and is for all workers professional areas and executives.


"The agreement which sees recognition for all workers of the group without exclusions and which goes towards the union's requests to reward employees in a context – including work – as difficult as the current one, moreover disconnected from the other negotiation in course on the new work organization (flexible work, 4×9, hours and shifts…) which sees further requests from Fabi and other trade union organizations: economic claims (for example, an increase in meal vouchers and other economic allowances) and protection for everyone with more fair flexible work”, commented the coordinators Fabi in the Intesa Sanpaolo group, Helga Boscato, Paolo Citterio and Carlo Milazzo.

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