Irbm mutters against the government for Invitalia’s intervention on Reithera?

Irbm mutters against the government for Invitalia's intervention on Reithera?

What happens between Irbm and Reithera, the two Italian companies that work on anti Covid vaccines. Facts, numbers, names and indiscretions

Irbm mutters against the government?

This is the question that circulates in Farmindustria circles.

The company owned by Piero Di Lorenzo, who in recent months has released a flood of interviews to newspapers and TV to illustrate and explain the role of his company in the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, as the company's number one has also mentioned in several interviews based in Pomezia, he had hoped for an entry or intervention in the company of public entities, probing Cassa Depositi Prestiti (controlled by the Ministry of Economy), European Investment Bank (EIB) and Higher Institute of Health (Iss).

But in the end neither Cdp nor Bei nor Iss nor Spallanzani fulfilled the expectations and wishes of the Irbm number one.

Di Lorenzo, president and CEO of Irbm, during an episode of Coffee Break on La7 some time ago also mentioned an answer received from the ISS: we would be in a conflict of interest if we joined Irbm given our institutional role.

This while the Spallanzani Institute was fully participating in the testing of the Reithera vaccine (a Castel Romano company owned by a company with registered office in Switzerland) in which the Lazio Region, the Ministry of Research and the Spallanzani Institute had already invested .

Yesterday the communication of the investment (financing and share capital) of Invitalia (holding controlled by the Ministry of Economy and led by the CEO, Domenico Arcuri) in Reithera arrived for a total of 81 million euros: Invitalia will have 30% of the capital of Reithera.

The government, therefore, decided to support the Reithera project, disappointing the expectations of Di Lorenzo's Irbm, which also boasted special institutional and political relations .



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