Is the resignation of Zingaretti a political or a human case?

Is the resignation of Zingaretti a political or a human case?

The resignation of Zingaretti is a completely incomprehensible and out of time act, because the leader of an important party that has found itself – with very little merit – to be the backbone of a government supported by a majority does not go away slamming the door. of national coalition. Giuliano Cazzola's opinion

Twist of the scene. Nicola Zingaretti throws in the towel: '' The dripping does not end. I am ashamed – he writes on Facebook – that in the Democratic Party, the party of which I am secretary, for 20 days we only talk about seats and primary, when in Italy the third wave of Covid is exploding, there is the problem of work, investments and the need to rebuild hope especially for the new generations ''.

More than a political case, it appears to be a human case. Completely incomprehensible and out of time, because the leader of an important party that has found itself – with very little merit – to be the backbone of a government supported by a national coalition majority, does not leave slamming the door. of a perimeter that an authoritative premier (Mario Draghi, well-known and respected in the international jet set) traced before the Parliament: '' This government was born in the wake of our country's belonging, as a founding member, to the European Union, and as protagonist of the Atlantic Alliance, in the wake of the great Western democracies, in defense of their inalienable principles and values. Supporting this government means sharing the irreversibility of the choice of the euro, it means sharing the perspective of an increasingly integrated European Union that will arrive at a common public budget capable of supporting countries in times of recession ''.

Zingaretti 's reaction is pathetic and so disproportionate that it could stand in the way of any second thoughts, even in the face of a National Assembly that unanimously asked him to withdraw his resignation.

Because we are not ashamed of a party that expresses a malaise deriving from what could have been and which fortunately was not.

In recent months, after the Conte 2 crisis, the country risked ending up in the hands of a government held together with the pecette, in the hunt for an approximate majority in the Senate, or rushing towards early elections in full pandemic by handing over the country to a right that had not yet been asked for that self-criticism that no one would have expected in a few days.

Any international observer who followed the Italian affair, starting from the vote of 4 March 2018, could only congratulate the dem staff for having helped to turn the political framework of the country and consequently the entire European and international scenario like a glove. .

In truth, things went differently. There were some crucial steps which, too, led step by step to the surprising result of the Draghi government and its majority, on the occasion of which Zingaretti supported a different line of conduct each time.

If they had not forced him to do the opposite of what he was asking, now there would be a center-right government (a little center and a lot of right) perhaps with Matteo Salvini in Palazzo Chigi, called upon to manage a health crisis whose seriousness he denied, in open controversy with the EU and therefore excluded from the reconstruction plan, of which Italy, if it is capable, will receive the largest part, as if to keep Salvini himself away from power.

Beyond the metaphor, the '' discontent '' of Zingaretti's Democratic Party lies precisely in the awareness of being in an advantageous position despite having done everything possible to ensure that the political process took other paths.

We do not remember, from the summer own goal of the Captain onwards, the resolute jamais who became almost extorted yeses, except to change their mind in the course of work transforming Giuseppe Conte, into a “ federator '' leader, whose presence was considered indispensable at Palazzo Chigi.

While Mattarella was weaving the net to bring Draghi to the government (without appointing him a senator for life so as not to reveal his intentions), the Democratic Party swore allegiance to Conte and set out on the hunt for the '' responsible '' to be able to confirm, dazzling in throne for the third time, Giuseppi, despite the crisis opened by the new Tuscan Maramaldo.

It passes, then, that Nicola Zingaretti has been imposed in 2019, the people's lawyer wearing a different shirt (to become his main supporter, until a minute before the Quirinale's twist), but that he has found, unexpectedly, in the Mario Draghi house – a real stone guest – it was a sensational injury.

In essence, the political picture has been turned upside down, the populists have become rigorous guardians of orderly finance; the sovereignists are memorizing the clauses of the Pact of Rome (the small executive group even spells out the text of the Maastricht Treaty under the careful control of Giancarlo Giorgetti): both “ souls '', already yellow-green, give themselves to do to be welcomed into one of the great European families; so the dem do not even have to make the effort to explain why they are in government with Salvini, since they can legitimately justify themselves with a further "Europe is asking us"; because Mario Draghi is Europe. And he is the guarantor of the alliance that supports him.

Yet it seems that the Democratic Party is divided between those who despair over Grillo's “ rape '' of Conte, without understanding that this is a decisive step to make the M5S a party like any other and no longer a fellow traveler. to be ashamed of. On the other hand there are those who intend to dissociate their destiny from the pentastellati, although they have ruled for more than a year with them, when they were still picking their noses and the Dibba effect was always lurking.

Zingaretti, in his statement, claims to have tried to open new perspectives to the party while in the Democratic Party the club of a Congress was being shaken against him.

Following the debate it would seem that, according to some dem currents, the Assize is a kind of Way of Santiago de Campostela: just start the path for the faith to strengthen little by little until the arrival in the Cathedral which houses the relics of the 'Apostle.

The reality is another.

Concept Marchesi wrote that those who are about to carry out a search already have in mind what they will find, because '' those who start from Nothing, arrive at Nothing ''.

In the history of the labor movement, the Congresses were called to ratify a line already present in the debate of the leadership group; maybe the lines can be more than one and in contrast with each other.

as Genesis says: first was the verb; the thought. A Congress is like a hotel room where the customer only finds what he has brought with him.

Now with the resignation of Nicola Zingaretti, the night porter has also passed away.

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