Lombardy Region, here are the new rules for schools, shopping centers and nightlife

Lombardy Region, here are the new rules for schools, shopping centers and nightlife

All the details of the order signed on 21 October by the Minister of Health, Speranza, and by the president of the Lombardy Region, Fontana

The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana signed a new ordinance on 21 October to establish further measures for the prevention and management of the Covid-19 emergency.

On the entire territory of the Lombardy Region, from 11.00 pm to 5.00 am the following day, only travel motivated by work needs, situations of necessity, emergency situations or health reasons are allowed. To justify the movements it will be necessary to show a self-certification.

In any case, it is allowed to return to one's home, residence or residence.

The President Attilio Fontana also signed the new Ordinance no. 623, which updates and integrates the contents of Ordinance no. 620 of 16 October.

The provisions contained in the Ordinance of the Minister of Health and the Regional Ordinance no. 623 come into force from 22 October and remain valid until 13 November 2020.

Among the innovations provided for by Ordinance no. 623, the following are highlighted in particular:


On Saturday and Sunday the closing of:

large sales structures, retail businesses present in shopping centers.

On the other hand, the shops that sell are still open on Saturdays and Sundays:


pet food and products,

cosmetic and personal hygiene products,

home hygiene products,

plants and flowers and related accessory products.

Pharmacies, parapharmacies, tobacconists and monopoly retailers also remain open.


At the entrance of retail businesses and food and beverage outlets, a sign must be displayed stating the maximum number of people admitted simultaneously inside, on the basis of the protocols and guidelines in force.

In the premises, gatherings must be avoided and the maintenance of at least one meter distance between customers must be ensured. Medium and large sales structures must adopt, if possible, booking methods to manage the entry of customers (e.g. via app).


It is forbidden to hold community festivals and fairs. On the other hand, events that take place in specific exhibition areas are allowed.

With the Ordinance n. 623 of 21 October the following provisions are also updated or confirmed:


The activities of the administration of food and beverages, both in public and private areas (including bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, rotisseries, pizzerias, kiosks) are allowed from 5.00 am to 11.00 pm. After 18.00 the consumption must take place exclusively at the tables. A maximum of 6 people per table is allowed, without counting cohabitants and relatives;

with the closure of public establishments at the established time, all administration must stop and the premises must be cleared, catering with home delivery is always allowed, while catering with take-away or with 'drive-through' mode (car service) is allowed until 11.00 pm, with prohibition to consume on the spot or nearby;

the h24 distributors of beverages and packaged food are closed from 6.00 pm to 5.00 am (only if with access from the street);

it is forbidden to consume drinks in areas open to the public from 18.00 to 5.00;

It is always forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages of any strength in public areas including parks, gardens and villas open to the public.

Further restrictive measures can be adopted by the statutory auditors.


Starting from October 26, upper secondary schools and second degree vocational training institutions must carry out their activities through distance learning for the entire class, if the conditions for carrying out it are already in place and except for any special educational needs. . The other institutes are strongly recommended to make every effort to do the distance learning as soon as possible.

Laboratory activities, which can be carried out in the presence, are excluded.

Universities are recommended to promote distance learning as much as possible.

School managers are also recommended to differentiate school entrances.


All races and competitions recognized of regional, provincial or local interest are suspended by CONI, CIP and the respective national sports federations, associated sports disciplines and sports promotion bodies.

Training and athletic training can be done individually. Amateur clubs and associations must ensure compliance with preventive measures, including maintaining at least two meters of distance between each person.


Access to the structures of the residential offer units of the territorial network by family members / caregivers and acquaintances is prohibited, unless authorized by the medical manager or the COVID-19 contact person of the structure itself (example: end of life situations) and, in any case, always after measuring the body temperature at the entrance and taking all necessary measures to prevent contagion.


The activities of the gaming rooms, betting rooms and bingo halls are suspended. The use of "slot machines" in public, commercial and monopoly resale establishments is also prohibited.


The economic activities listed in point 1.4 of the Ordinance no. 620 of 16 October must be carried out in compliance with the measures contained in the corresponding sheets of annex 1.
All workers in these activities are obliged to use respiratory protection devices, regardless of where the activity is carried out.

For the aspects not otherwise regulated by the Ordinance n. 623 of 21 October the provisions of the previous provisions currently in force remain valid.


The national provisions in force refer to the DPCM of 13 October and the DPCM of 18 October. The rules indicated in the DPCM will remain valid until Friday 13 November inclusive.

The following are the main points of the DPCM:

recommendation to use respiratory protection devices also inside private homes, if there are people who do not live together;

possible closure of streets or squares in urban centers starting at 9 pm to avoid gatherings;

conferences and congresses suspended except for those that take place remotely;

allowed public access to parks, villas and public gardens, in compliance with the ban on gathering and the interpersonal safety distance; also allowed the access of minors to play areas in compliance with the guidelines;

confirmed the suspension of activities inside dance halls, discos and similar venues, both outdoors and indoors;

ban on parties in all places, both outdoors and indoors;

indications for parties connected to civil or religious ceremonies, which can take place with a maximum participation of 30 people in compliance with the protocols and guidelines;

suspension of educational trips, exchange or twinning initiatives, guided tours and educational outings scheduled by educational institutions of all levels;

provisions for those entering Italy.

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