M5S: from the stars to the stables?

M5S: from the stars to the stables?

Present and future of the 5 Star Movement according to the political notist Francesco Damato

There is only the embarrassment of choosing whether to evaluate the damage caused by Matteo Salvini to the center-right as more damaging to the country, preventing him – according to the former director of the Republic Ezio Mauro – from being a true and reliable conservative side of a European mold, or those procured by the government in charge from the grillini. Whose internal chaos is frankly even more visible than the Northern League one and puts Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the corner, despite the personal satisfaction that the polls generally reserve for him.

The once enthusiastic judgment of the founder Eugenio Scalfari is gradually fading towards the Apulian professor at his second experience at Palazzo Chigi, precisely or always on Repubblica , almost as a counterpoint to Ezio Mauro. Who last Sunday, for example, wrote about him that "in recent weeks he has lost a lot of his effectiveness" and "goes on groping", despite having come out with a good result from the recent European summit in Brussels. Where it has secured, thanks to the continuity of the Merkel-Macron tandem, Community aid for the post-epidemic recovery of 209 billion euros, although not immediately available such as the 37 billion loan to upgrade the health service. Which is instead contested by the grillini and therefore stuck there, between the things to see and not to touch.

There is no doubt that Matteo Salvini, the “captain” of the League , no longer enjoys political health or the wind of last year's European elections and the immediately following regional elections, which brought him to almost 35 percent of the vote. That there is bad mood among the leaguers and a bit of fear, especially in the face of the objective mess in which the Lombard "governor" Attilio Fontana has gotten himself into with the story of the shirts first sold and then offered to the region, in the worst days of the epidemic, from the brother-in-law in partnership with his wife, is equally undoubted. That the former undersecretary to the presidency of the Council, and still in charge of the foreign department of the Lega, Giancarlo Giorgetti has not at all digested Salvini's substantial about-face, in the face of Giorgia Meloni's no, on the prospect of a government of national unity or emergency chaired by Mario Draghi, it is not true but very true. Yet it seems to me rather premature the political half funeral of the leader of the League celebrated by the aforementioned former director of Repubblica in tune, for once, with Fatto Quotidiano , in whose front-page ring Salvini has become a “played” boxer.

If we do not want to believe a philosopher, but also a politician, incontrovertibly left-wing and not at all naïve like Biagio De Giovanni, who on the sheet accused the Democratic Party of having given Salvini good cards to play by joining Matteo Renzi and the grillini for the authorization to proceed against him for the alleged kidnappings last year aboard the Spanish ship “Open Arms, let us at least dwell on the fear felt by the pentastellato Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. Faced with the resurgence of landings of fleeing migrants, once they landed in Italy, even from viral quarantine, he chased Salvini and forced Conte to do the same, promising zero tolerance for "irregular entries". In short, the Northern League "captain" continues to be frightening, and how. Silvio Berlusconi himself, within the center-right, has reduced the distance from the League on political perspectives and on the way to oppose.

To the fear of favoring, or returning to favor Salvini on the always slippery terrain of immigration, the frustrations, to say the least, of an increasingly difficult and onerous collaboration with the Democratic Party are added to the grillini. It has already cost them three presidencies of commissions in the Senate and two in the Chamber, with internal revolts that have literally overwhelmed the leaders of the parliamentary groups and further complicated the march towards the General States, i.e. congress, of the now substantially headless Movement, and for nothing resigned to hand and foot, if necessary, to Conte. Which, for its part, does not seem to have much desire to venture in this direction, knowing that it is moving on a very mined ground.

There is practically no question, now even those of the referendum confirming the cuts of parliamentary seats, in the absence of a new electoral law, and of the delegated decrees for the reform of sport, on which the grillini do not clash by plucking their own ministers. Vincenzo Spadafora was barely detained on the road to resignation by a Count who rushed to the umpteenth mediation, or postponement.

The tangle of personal and political contrasts under the five stars is such that I think they have by now exhausted Grillo himself. That just in these days – coincidentally – was recalled to his tragic experience by the mayor of Limone Piemonte. Which invited him to remove from the ground where he had abandoned the carcass of the SUV he imprudently drove about forty years ago on an icy mountain road. From which the comedian threw himself out, abandoning his guide, in time to save himself but causing the death of three guests.

I would not want the Movement pushed by Grillo to the government two years ago, and of which it is still "guarantor", "elevated" and so on, to end up like that off-road vehicle, and the Italians to be condemned to the same fate as those three unfortunate: Renzo Giberti, Rossana Quartapelle and their 9-year-old son Francesco. It was a judicial culpable murder, I don't know how to translate it in political terms if the Conte government were to end up like that car in a legislature that has become more insidious than a slippery road on an overhang.

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