Parallel convergences against Conte between Renzi and Salvini?

Parallel convergences against Conte between Renzi and Salvini?

What divides and what unites Matteo Renzi and Matteo Salvini. Italics by Paola Sacchi

There is now a vast "literature" on the so-called Papeete crisis, full of free teasing against Matteo Salvini. But there is a fact that, whether like it or not even the same characters different from each other for history, Italian and European political position, unites the two Matteo: both found themselves on a collision course with Prime Minister Conte / 1 and Conte / respectively. 2 on that sort of Maginot line that divides the Italy of growth, of economic development from the grillina of “happy degrowth”, of the no to Tav and to great works.

And it was precisely the pentastellato no to the Tav (on which, as the authoritative Northern League sources told the writer, a surprise night the premier himself would have lined up, displacing the Salvinians) the real detonator of the yellow-blue executive crisis. So much so that already in July a senior member of Via Bellerio told the writer that it was over and that only now "the captain" had to decide the timing. Salvini then pulled the plug, as we know, close to Ferragosto. And he did, if we remember well, not at Papeete, but immediately after in Pescara in a crowded rally, the famous and still contested speech on "full powers". An unhappy exit that did not fully explain the age-old problem of the prime minister's need for greater decision-making powers. Theme that really wanted to be the real core of that speech. That is, that more effective capacity for choices on the part of the institutions, which is debated from Bettino Craxi to Silvio Berlusconi to Matteo Renzi himself.

The Salvinian exit, in particular on the issue of immigration control, thus objectively lent the side to Renzi himself who for months made him a reason for teasing. To justify even in this way that government of all against Salvini and the center-right, the real underlying limit of that operation that is showing all its deep cracks. But the main speech of the Northern League leader, objectively then also disadvantaged, in his request for elections, by the choice to stay out of the so-called "Ursula" majority, where instead the same grillini voted for the president of the EU Commission, focused on the complaint action of the pentastellated allies. Salvini attacked: "They block everything, block major works, paralyze the country, work and employment".

It was not yet Covid times that August 2019. But the pandemic then dramatically accentuated the old vice of origin of the philosophy of "happy degrowth". If you read the requests of the other Matteo (Renzi), except for the Mes Sanitary, on which the League is clearly opposed, they find themselves starting from the need for the great works proposed very similar to those that Salvini did and with him the then under-secretary to the Prime Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti. In the Renzian requests there is also the revision of that citizenship income which has always been disliked by the League which, however, had to accept in the "contract" in exchange for a quota of 100. But apart from this, the basic pro-growth philosophy converges.

And everything can be said to the League of yesterday and today except that it is a party against economic development. Now if this objective convergence of intent on crucial issues, all the more for a country like ours whose economy is exhausted by Covid, could lead to the solution of a War Cabinet, a semi-technical government for the emergency with Mario Draghi or some other personality of the kind, it's all to see. Meanwhile, for the simple fact that Renzi has not yet (at least until last night, we are talking about this afternoon) withdrawn his delegation to the government.

And of course there are other decisive forces in the field, first of all the Democratic Party which seems to be pursuing the solution of the Count / ter with the "responsible". What last night on TV clearly said by Goffredo Bettini, the influential adviser of the dem leader Nicola Zingaretti , who explicitly made an invitation to sectors of Forza Italia. However, a hypothesis against which Antonio Tajani, the number two of Silvio Berlusconi, has already clearly expressed himself. Position confirmed by the blue group leader in the Maria Stella Gelmini Chamber. But last night on TV, Salvini himself, after stressing that elections are the main road, especially since they will be held despite the pandemic in many other countries, did not rule out as a subordinate that of "an alternative government on 5 points". In short, a War Cabinet, as such in time. Hypothesis on which, however, the president of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni has always said she was against.

The "film" of the crisis has just begun. But one thing was leaked from Colle: no to gathering majorities with managers, even more so with numbers even smaller than those currently in the Senate, instead of Renzian ones. And above all, no to power failures, even more so in full pandemic and a recovery plan to be approved now in parliament. There remains the discriminating factor between two opposing philosophies on growth and decrease which, as a curious counterpoint to politics, have seen and objectively see the two Matteo clashing with Giuseppe Conte on the same side in different governments. The premier who was indicated by the Five Stars.

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