Patrizio Bianchi, the curriculum vitae of the Professor Minister of Education in place of Azzolina

Patrizio Bianchi, the curriculum vitae of the Professor Minister of Education in place of Azzolina

Here is the curriculum of Patrizio Bianchi, the new Minister of Education

Lucia Azzolina of the Conte 2 government passes the baton to Patrizio Bianchi in the Draghi government

68-year-old economist, former head of the task force for the reopening of schools in September, Patrizio Bianchi is the new Minister of Education of the Draghi executive.

Born in Copparo (Ferrara), husband of Laura Tabarini and father of Lorenzo and Antonio, Bianchi is full professor of applied economics at the University of Ferrara and holder of the Unesco chair 'Education, growth and equality

He studied at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna with Romano Prodi and Alberto Quadrio Curzio, he specialized at the London School of Economics with Basil Yamey and in 1998 he founded the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ferrara.

He was Rector of the University until 2010 and led the Foundation of the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities.

"In his long academic and professional career, Patrizio Bianchi has always combined rigorous scientific research on the foundations of industrial production and innovation with the direct assumption of responsibility in the management of public and private bodies and institutions aimed at formulating, programming and implementing policies for education and research, innovation and development ”, reads his curriculum.

He has played the role of advisor and managed research projects for European and international institutions, such as the European Commission, Unido (United Nations organization for industrial development, Cepal, Idb-Interamerican Development Bank, Unesco.

For two terms he held the position of councilor of the Emilia-Romagna Region at school, university and work, also managing the restart of teaching activities after the 2012 earthquake.

Since January 2020 he is scientific director of the International Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Foundation for Human Development.

In the past he was the head of Sviluppo Italia, the forerunner of Invitalia.

Here is the complete curriculum vitae.

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