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Poste, Brt, Nexive and Amazon. How the postal market is changing. Agcom report

Poste, Brt, Nexive and Amazon. How the postal market is changing. Agcom report

How are Poste, Brt, Nexive, Amazon going. The mail and parcel market analyzed in the Agcom quarterly Observatory

Revenues in the postal sector are growing during 2020. The pandemic has strengthened the parcel delivery sector, with Poste preparing to overtake Bartolini for those of the "non-universal service". Here are all the details of the Agcom quarterly observatory.


In the year of the pandemic, overall revenues recorded inthe postal sector grew by 4.1%.

A result, explains Agcom, due to “two opposite trends – a decline in correspondence services and an increase in those relating to parcel delivery – which has been underway for some time but which, due to the pandemic, have further strengthened”.

Correspondence services, in particular, fell by 25.6% in 2020, while parcel delivery increased by 21.7% (with domestic ones showing an increase of 32.1%).


Volumes also increased to + 36.9%, with the number of parcels handled marking a + 40.6%, with reference only to domestic deliveries, while the volumes of correspondence services recorded a decline of 19.8% for correspondence services.


Poste Italiane remains the sector leader. The Group led by Matteo Del Fante is the main operator with 38.0% (but down by 6.8 percentage points on an annual basis), followed by BRT (13.3%), and by Amazon, which with a growth by 5.1 percentage points compared to December 2019 it rises to 10.9%. S.

If you look at the correspondence services that are not part of the universal service, Poste earns a further 1.7% of the market, at 78.9%. Nevixe follows, at 15.5%, which in 2020 marked a minus 1.8%.

In the delivery of packages that do not fall within the universal service, Poste is second to Bartloni, but warms up the engines for overtaking. Brt has a share of 18.3% (minus 0.5%) and Poste Italiane earns 1.5% to 18.1%. Followed by Amazon (15%) and Ups (14.5%).

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/innovazione/poste-brt-nexive-e-amazon-come-cambia-il-mercato-postale-report-agcom/ on Mon, 03 May 2021 09:42:24 +0000.