Rebus ministries for the center-right

Rebus ministries for the center-right

What do Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi say about the formation of the next center-right government. Paola Sacchi's note

The toto-names of the future government team goes crazy, with the most disparate hypotheses that change from hour to hour, and the center-right places a halt. Not because, as would be unimaginable, we do not talk about it, but to put the contents back at the center, with the expensive bills in the first place. That is, the emergency that is holding the country in a vice.

Giorgia Meloni talks about this as she left Montecitorio last night, replying to reporters that "you need to have a job before forming a government", framing the issue within an institutional framework.

As for the energy emergency, the president of FdI, who would have heard with the minister Cingolani engaged in Brussels and with the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, hopes "the maximum unity of all political forces".

According to rumors, Meloni also heard Mario Draghi on the need for a united European response.

Then, an appeal to unity: “The demonization propaganda against us – which continued throughout the election campaign – has soured spirits and divided the Italians. We will work to unite them, because this is not the time for controversy but for responsibility ”.

Salvini insists on the expensive bills, who had particularly hammered throughout the electoral campaign, asking for an immediate budget deviation with a distinction from Meloni. Yesterday the Northern League leader had a first summit in Arcore after the vote with Silvio Berlusconi.

Probably today Berlusconi will meet Meloni, but it is not excluded that Salvini will also be there. It would be the first meeting of the center-right after 25 September. The note after the Berlusconi-Salvini summit states that "the priorities of the future government" have been addressed. "The maximum community of intent with Giorgia Meloni" and the need to "soon give Italy a compact, high-level executive, capable of facing complicated challenges, starting precisely from the emergency originated by record energy prices, was reiterated. ".

Salvini had emphasized in the morning that what matters, more than talking about names, is to get to work immediately to deal with emergencies. A message evidently aimed at attenuating the prominence that had been given to the box of the Viminale, to which the League claims it, with its 95 parliamentarians gathered who the day before yesterday squared like the Federal Council around the acclaimed leader with a standing ovation and a choir "Matteo, Matteo". A demonstration of compactness even in the face of the request of the former secretary Roberto Maroni who, as a collaborator of the newspaper Il Foglio , had recently requested the resignation of Salvini and candidate the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia as new leader.

But Zaia himself replied that he was not interested. Having established that Salvini's leadership was not even a topic on the agenda of the Northern League summit on Monday, which will be followed by another on the government on Thursday, it is now clear that the debate on the center-right team inevitably goes on.

That request of the ministry "of weight" that the Lega second shareholder, at a glue from Forza Italia, with 16 per cent of parliamentarians, clearly puts the Interior in the spotlight immediately, on which the party is likely to hold the point. Security is one of his flagship themes and Salvini's results, which also cost him a surreal trial, have led to a drastic decrease in landings of illegal immigrants.

But, if there were difficulties, gradually in the negotiations, the League would all the more reason ask for a "ministry", precisely "heavy", for its leader, to underline its indispensability for the government and its stability. Even if "the external support of which left-wing newspapers have spoken is nonsense".

The ministries of weight are many and the economic ones (from Labor to Economic Development to Agriculture, the box where Gianmarco Centinaio would be in pole) in particular are in the league's ropes, but others are not excluded.

The fact remains that even Forza Italia, given its equally indispensable role for the government, claims important boxes. And FdI as the first obvious party that will want to hold key ministries.

The full names change from hour to hour. The puzzle is not simple, but the coalition that today perhaps with all three leaders will meet in Arcore will think about it. However, putting the dramatic emergency bills first.

In terms of foreign policy, unity against Putin's escalation. Meloni: "The declaration of annexation to the Russian Federation of four Ukrainian regions after the farce referendums held under violent military occupation have no legal or political value". The president of FdI is harsh: “Putin once again demonstrates his neo-imperialist vision of a Soviet style that threatens the security of the entire European continent. This further violation of the rules of coexistence between nations by Russia confirms the need for compactness and unity of Western democracies ”.

Netto Salvini: “The League strongly condemns any aggression, annexation and nuclear threat. The next Italian government will have to work with even more determination for peace and disarmament, alongside democracies and Western forces ”.

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