Repubblica and Stampa of the Gedi group are divided on Calenda and Renzi

Repubblica and Stampa of the Gedi group are divided on Calenda and Renzi

What Repubblica and Stampa, newspapers of the Gedi-Elkann group, write about the third pole consisting of Italia Viva di Renzi and Action di Calenda. The Scratches of Damato

We did not have to wait long to evaluate the mystery of that demolishing cartoon of the third electoral pole that appeared in the Ferragosto edition of the Repubblica di carta. In which Altan, inspired by the Bibì and Bobò of a famous American comic strip of the late nineteenth century, had practically mocked the intention of Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi to contest the "bipopulism " of the center-right and center-left. Or – if you prefer to put it more personally – by Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini in the center-right no longer controlled by Silvio Berlusconi, and by Enrico Letta in a center-left that could not do without the red-green proud of never having voted trust in Mario Draghi and, much less his "agenda".

There would also be, in truth, a third populism, represented by Beppe Grillo with his original 5 Star Movement and updated by Giuseppe Conte in this electoral campaign, also promising things from another world and practicing, in the preparation of the lists, a truly surprising familism. for those who had grown up politically despising their opponents also for the habit of bringing with them brothers, wives, lovers, brothers-in-law, cousins ​​and so on domesticating. But now in electoral descent as they are, and from which it will be very difficult that Conte will be able to raise them with the "team" of 15 apostles imposed even on the silent guarantor of the Movement, the pentastellati are no longer so frightening, perhaps. And Altan could also give a damn by making fun of the Bibì and Bobò in a comical fight against "bipopulism", in fact.

I was wondering, in front of the Repubblica cartoon, if it was a signal to the sailors of the publishing group of the Agnelli family. Where now my once friend Luca di Montezemolo no longer counts for anything and therefore cannot spend himself, for example, for Carlo Calenda, his collaborator at the time of the presidency of Confindustria

But at the Press , that of Turin directed by Massimo Giannini, of Bibì and Bobò of the group's flagship, they were beautifully and praiseworthy for me by publishing yesterday in favor of the victims of Altan a long and reasoned article by the professor, psychoanalyst, essayist and anything else Massimo Recalcati. Who looks confidently at the third pole for the votes that he will be able to subtract not so much and not only from the center-right, but from Enrico Letta's pole. Dove Recalcati complains, among other things, obtaining a prompt reaction, the presence and influence of Goffredo Bettini, nostalgic of the times of love and in agreement with Conte, mistaken for the highest point of reference of progressives.

To reinforce Recalcati another collaborator of the Press , moreover in the same issue, Gianni Oliva, wrote to vote for the Democratic Party very reluctantly, holding his nose "ever tighter", as Indro Montanelli did and did in his time for A.D. And for the same reasons, practically, of a Recalcati even though he refrained from the announcement of his vote, but hinting that he could in the end prefer the presumed Bibì and Bobò di Altan in the polls. Who would have already had the merit of discovering the game of a "center-left" who, instead of "cutting off his ideological populism, nourishes a nostalgic attitude for a glorious past and a solid political-cultural identity": glorious and naturally solid in the conviction of part.

It is a left, this presumptuous complained by Recalcati, which "cannot think of our time without resorting to ideological paradigms: the same ones that, for example, prevented the approval of the 2016 constitutional reform", also finding itself on that occasion with the stranger Silvio Berlusconi, as in recent weeks, interrupting, or letting the Draghi government interrupt.

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