Russia-Ukraine war, what Turkish drones do for Kiev

Russia-Ukraine war, what Turkish drones do for Kiev

Ukraine uses Turkish drones. And how they fight in Kiev and Kharkiv. The military notebook of Ares-Osservatorio Difesa on Start Magazine on the Russia-Ukraine war

Ukraine uses Turkish drones. And how they fight in Kiev and Kharkiv. Here are all the details on the Russia-Ukraine war in the articles by Ares-Defense Observatory .

Russia-Ukraine war, Kiev also deploys Turkish Bayraktar drones

Ukraine uses Turkish drones.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has started to publish some videos of the operations of the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones.

According to official estimates, Ukraine should have a total of six TB2 drones against a total order of 54 aircraft.

On February 24, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed responsibility for the shooting down of four TB2s, stressing that the advanced electronic warfare systems deployed did not allow the operations of these systems.

Evidently, as the conflict approaches, Turkey has delivered more aircraft to Ukraine and unofficial sources speak of about 20 TB2 in Kiev's possession.

Currently, the use of drones is mainly aimed at air defense systems, such as the Buk, or against the logistical means of the Russian Army including fuel tanks.

It is interesting to analyze the videos published by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in the different attacks conducted against the Russian Forces.

In this February 27 attack against a column of Russian vehicles headed for Kiev, the TB2 is flying at about 190 meters above sea level but without the assistance of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The eloquent writing "GPS NO POSITION" could indicate a possible Russian jamming on the US GPS system and therefore the drone can only fly in "attitude" mode, that is, based only on data obtained from the inertial systems on board.

This GPS anomaly is present in all published videos and if navigation takes place at night or in conditions characterized by clouds, fog or rain, a well-trained crew must be behind the control console.

However, Turkish sources claim that the message refers only to the Canadian electro-optical tower Wescam MX-15D which is equipped with an internal GPS receiver independent from that of the aircraft for some specific functions such as mapping or geolocation.

The GPS receiver of the TB2 should in fact have such technical characteristics as to be able to function even in the presence of enemy disturbances of an electronic nature.

The message “DESIGNATOR NEAR CUTOUT” or “DESIGNATOR CUTOUT” is related to the fact that the laser designator of the turret, placed under the drone, could lose contact with the target due to obstacles such as the rear legs of the trolley.


Ukraine, fighting in Kiev and Kharkiv

Between yesterday and the early hours of today, violent fighting was reported in areas near the capital Kiev and in the city of Kharkiv.


Yesterday, the Russians bombed the Kiev television tower but also other targets, causing about ten deaths and injuries. Moreover, multimedia services remain active and backup broadcasts will be activated in the next few hours, as reported by the Ukrainian Presidency.

The Russian units, having failed the initial blitz in recent days, are trying to reorganize while the Ukrainian forces are intensifying the use of artillery, launching counterattacks.

The situation has worsened in Kharkiv where heavy fighting is underway with Russian paratroopers who have landed in the city area and are attacking the Kharkiv Military Medical Center.

The city was heavily bombed with rockets which killed at least 10 people and injured at least 35.

At least, a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber was shot down by Ukrainian forces near the city.

Also in Kherson, a southern city of Ukraine, there are clashes with the Russian forces that entered the city in the early hours of today, recorded by CNN, and the regular units with the territorial forces in action to repel the units from Moscow.

The city of Mariupol is also under attack, with residential targets hit by Russian artillery.


This gloomy picture also includes the news given by the Ukrainian security that a plan to kill President Zelensky has been thwarted by eliminating the “Chechen” cell that had been sent to complete the task.

The special unit belonged to the Kadyrovites, a Chechen paramilitary organization that supports Russian forces in Ukraine and split into two groups; the first nucleus, according to Security, would have been completely eliminated while the second, barricaded in the area of ​​the Gostomel airport, would be under fire.


TASS confirms that the second round of talks between Ukraine and Moscow will be held today in Belarus to try to establish at least a truce.


On the international level, the United States, by order of President Biden, has closed its airspace to Russian flights.

In his "Speech on the Union", President Biden defined his Russian counterpart "a dictator", and said that Russia miscalculated, thinking it would find a flawed West and that it would not respond in a univocal and unified way to the invasion of Ukraine.

China, through the mouth of the Foreign Minister, said that the situation has changed rapidly and expressed its concern and, reiterating its respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, again invites the parties to negotiate to get out of the crisis .

In Europe, the hypothesis launched by the leaders of the European Commission to send interceptor fighters to the Ukrainians seems to have faded to avoid raising even more the state of tension with Moscow.


After a long negotiation, the EU has found "the square" on the Swift sanctions; seven Russian banks and credit institutions will be excluded from the Swift payment system but remain in the Gazprombank and Sberbank circuit to allow Western countries to continue to pay for gas supplies planned so far with ordinary instruments.

Moreover, the situation is temporary also for Gazprombank and Sberbank; in fact, they could be banned from Swift in the coming days if sanctions need to be tightened.

The company that operates the North Stream 2 pipeline considers taking the books to court for insolvency. while yesterday the ruble slipped, after recovering thanks to the maneuvers implemented by the Russian Central Bank; at the end of the day 102.4 rubles were needed for one dollar and the Moscow Stock Exchange remained closed yesterday to avoid worse collapses.

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