Salvini, Papeete and mainstream narration

Salvini, Papeete and mainstream narration

The result of the regional elections will also be a testing ground for the League also according to Salvini, but in the meantime the result obtained by the “four lefts” (5s, Pd, Leu, Iv) is that he is still Conte's main challenger. While the government of all against Salvini seems to have remained, he does, at Papeete.

How sad the Papeete is, just a year later. Matteo Salvini for the mainstream narrative, propagated by a certain media-cultural left, would have died politically but for paradox on the political level he is more alive than ever.

In one way or another, he is always the protagonist of the summer. Either judged too happy like last year or too sad like this year. But just as Papeete was described so sad a year later, like Venice in Aznavour's song, in reality Salvini was walking around, for the challenge of Tuscany, in Empoli, immersed in a riot of crowds and selfies. Of which he posted the video on social media, adding: "You will not see these images on TV".

In reality, for a curious retaliation, it seems that at Papeete, a year after the Lega pulled the plug from Conte / 1, metaphorically this government "of the four left", as Silvio Berlusconi also calls it, has actually remained. An executive with a premier, he really yes, with full powers even in the era no longer at the peak of Covid, a team increasingly divided over everything. But which always seems to need to evoke the same beach and the same sea to regroup. That is, the need for anti-salvinism as a salvific glue, to play with words one could say “salvinific”.

A little 'continuing the same pattern of anti-Berlusconi, the only ground that cemented the government more than the Union, of the "disunion" of Romano Prodi. Salvini would therefore have died politically but he is more alive than ever since not a day goes by when he does not camp on newspaper pages. With services also in episodes, such as soap operas. And if it is not the Papeete, so sad just a year later, there are his alleged misadventures within the party.

Characters, as in any self-respecting soap opera, always the same in recent years, or the usual Giancarlo Giorgetti and Luca Zaia described in the process of making his shoes. All seasoned with alleged risks of splitting and a story always in installments of weaving between the old Northern League and the current National League-Salvini premier that the "captain" would no longer control. This is a story that makes us smile in particular, precisely because of the very “Leninist” organizational nature of a party-movement where the leader, as such, on the other hand, always controls everything, much more than in other parties. And let alone the leader who made an influential but territorial party take between 3 and 4 percent a somersault to over 30 percent. And last but not least, but these are news stories, the story of the 4 or 5 parliamentarians who would have benefited from the VAT bonus, allowed by law, but certainly not very elegant as behavior for those who earn around 12,000 euros, of which three deputies would belong to the League.

From the INPS no names out of respect for privacy, but in the meantime the name of the party, like others, has been made. In the background, the trial for the Gregoretti ship awaiting Salvini in Catania on October 3, just sent at the end of July to another trial, on the Open Arms, by the yellow-red and Renzian fuchsia majority in the Senate.

In short, it is the summer of the "hunt" for Salvini, where however he is always the protagonist, thus risen in the eyes of Italians increasingly also on a plastic level as the alternative, the main competitor, with greater consensus of the cdx, despite the polls that always put him in first place, however, by the Conte government. Heterogenesis of the goals of a majority that was born and still shows to stand up with the glue of "all against Salvini". Without ever being able to make a real qualitative leap from "against" to "for".

The result of the regional elections in September, as the Northern League leader himself, former Minister of the Interior, said, will also be a testing ground for the League, but in the meantime the result obtained by the "four left" (5s, Pd, Leu, Iv ) is that he is still Conte's main challenger in the eyes of the Italians. While the government of all against Salvini seems to have remained, he does, at Papeete. Same beach, same sea. And from there it seems to have not untied himself politically for a year. While Italy's problems, certainly also due to Covid , have worsened. And autumn, made even warmer by the insufficient rainy responses of the Conte / 2 on the economy, is upon us.

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