Salvini, Zaia and the Lega stake

Salvini, Zaia and the Lega stake

What Luca Zaia says and doesn't say about Matteo Salvini's League

No. The political news of the day is not that offered by the generality of the newspapers on the front page on the growing confusion of the grillini. That even Marco Travaglio is getting bored, impatient to the point of liquidating in his Daily Done for "generic states" the "States General" on whose preparation the pentastellati not accustomed to the practice of party congresses stand out and quarrel.

By now classified on the left also or precisely because of the divisions in which they are being lost, as the 19th century cartoonist Stefano Rolli has contested, the grillini have even managed to produce "the paradox", complained in Corriere della Sera by Massimo Franco, of desert their internal assemblies when leaders, capetti and the like participate, and instead frequent them in abundance when they are not there and they can more freely speak ill of it.

Even Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has given a hand to this paradox by calling an inter-ministerial meeting at Palazzo Chigi during the hours of the joint assembly of the 5-star parliamentary groups. Where the absence of Luigi Di Maio , for example, probably contributed to the decision of the "regent" Vito Crimi to renounce an absence already announced.

No, I was saying. The political news of the day does not come from the grillini but from the Lega. Whose leader Matteo Salvini is not only grappling with the trials for the alleged ministerial crimes he is accused of, even the kidnapping of migrants, or for the investigations that touch him on the money of his political formation. Now he is also grappling with a certain internal political frond of increasing visibility, which appeared during the election campaign with the no of Giancarlo Giorgetti and others at the referendum confirmation of the Chambers scissored by the grillini and developed to involve Luca Zaia in some way. Who is not the governor but the very governor of Veneto, with the 76.7 percent Bulgarian vote he took home, surpassing that of the party "for Salvini" with his practically personal list.

The headline on the front page of an interview by Zaia with Corriere della Sera is already itchy, let's put it this way: with that announcement that "the League needs a solid political project", obviously missing, or not sufficiently clear and visible. A project that in the text of the interview becomes "a pole", intended as a "support to be able to continue to grow" and not frustrate "the amazing work", for heaven's sake, carried out by Salvini taking "an excellent corpse in his hand" and carrying it " in Olympus ".

Under this scattered surface of powdered sugar, including the initially opposite reluctance – "I'm not the least bit interested" – in the interviewer's attempt to drag him into the internal events of the League, there remains the need and perhaps even the urgency felt by the now more popular personality of the League to give the movement a "political project" that might free it from that excessive dose of sovereignty, or Euroscepticism, translated into the most comfortable alibi of the adversaries to ally against him and keep the legislature upright with the official breath in progress. That without the bogeyman of the Northern League "captain" eager for "full powers" and enthroned in a center-right where only Silvio Berlusconi deludes himself that he can still influence him, it would already be nice that it ended with the early dissolution of the Chambers.

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