Simplification Decree, is the green charge of the Conte government extinguished?

Simplification Decree, is the green charge of the Conte government extinguished?

What Kyoto Club and Anev say about the Simplification decree of the Conte government

Disappointment is an understatement. The green charge of the Conte bis is extinguished in the simplification decree. Instead of taking the road of decarbonization quickly, the measure has hit the protests of the green world. A boomerang who knows how innocent. The “Simplification” not only disappointed, but risks blocking all the good initiatives that help the Italian energy transition.

Yesterday, the Minister of Economy Gualtieri argued the need to commit the resources of the Recovery Fund with a view to sustainability. The fact is that the protests of companies and associations against the rules of the decree are still hot. And if the industrial and economic protagonists of green change are not allied, where do you plan to go?

It all got complicated, says the Kyoto Club. Why? “The text mortifies the much-announced green turn. No proposal in favor of renewable energies was accepted, but further facilitations were introduced in favor of the oil sector ”. Fossil energies remain the weak point of a strategy that is as much declaimed in the Palaces as it is little realized. "But little attention has also been given to the redevelopment of cities," said Francesco Ferrante, vice president of Kyoto Club.

The associations of the companies producing clean energy had presented proposals to simplify the procedures for renovating wind farms, creating small hydroelectric and geothermal plants with no territorial impact. Proposals that involve direct, innovative investments that involve the conversion of obsolete plants to the point of putting biomethane in urban networks. Contrary to what Prime Minister Conte says in public, Minister Costa and all the other green ministers (?) ", Further facilities have been introduced in favor of the oil sector: lower royalties on land and sea drilling, fewer constraints authorizations for the construction of new oil pipelines ".

The criticisms of the Kyoto club have not remained isolated. For wind power, for example, Anev , a trade association, made a decision . Without forgetting that the Cinquestelle in the past have conducted campaigns strongly opposed to wind turbines, now – say the wind industrialists – the text of the Simplification decree is simply not sufficient to achieve the sectoral objectives that this Government has indicated it wants to achieve. Another own goal by the government: "I am sorry that the specific proposals made by the National Wind Energy Association have not been implemented" says a note. Then came the protests of the Coordination of Renewable-Free Sources, who see nothing good in the government's decisions. In conclusion, it is explained, rules have been approved that clash with the high-sounding declarations of eco-sustainable turning point of a deaf coalition. Everything happens in the hours of decisions on the money of the Recovery Fund that the good minister Gualtieri says he spends for the green change. Believe it.

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