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Some dem voted with pleasure La Russa, that’s why (in my opinion)

Some dem voted with pleasure La Russa, that's why (in my opinion)

Who voted for La Russa even among the opposition? The opinion of Sergio Pizzolante, entrepreneur and former parliamentarian

Meloni is not one who lets herself be worn down, she is not one of infinite compromises, she does not hold onto all evils.

If there is to be cut, cut.

If there is to risk, take risks.

He understood that taking Ronzulli in with a role of weight would have been heavy. Very heavy.

For a matter of image, because there can be no authority where Ronzulli is, for the management of the government with one inside that has an ambition inversely proportional to intelligence.

So he said no.

Accepting the consequences.

Berlusconi came out with broken bones.

Ronzulli also.

If she had been drawn into an endless negotiation, with continuous votes, she would have died.

This is not the case.

Certainly La Russa could count on a few more personal votes.

But he wasn't elected for that.

There are about 20 vows who got married.

Too many.

Another thing happened. According to me.

It is a ball that bounced off Renzi.

Without the faults of Renzi.

Renzi can stand on the ball but has political intelligence superior to all these others.

Renzi would have been stronger had La Russa not been elected.

With Meloni's blatant defeat, he and his votes would multiply by one hundred. As a value.

Another thing happened.

Some genius of the lamp has suggested to some other genius to get La Russa to vote to attribute the blame to Renzi.

They have blood in their eyes.

They work to annex part of the Democratic Party.

To destroy the Democratic Party.

So they must make it "ethically" impossible for the Democratic Party to look at the Third Pole.

By declaring it in league with the "fascists".

The company operates.

It went wrong.

In a situation that couldn't be worse.


In a legislature that could not have started worse.

Do I have proof of what I'm saying?

Yes, the ease with which all the press and televisions of the "moralism of the left" have immediately attributed the responsibility to Renzi.

For some sloppiness.

For knowledge of others.

More or less it went like this.

According to me.

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