Taiwan, here are the dialogue mechanisms cut off by China after Pelosi’s visit

Taiwan, here are the dialogue mechanisms cut off by China after Pelosi's visit

In addition to sanctioning Pelosi and his family, China has suspended or canceled various mechanisms of dialogue with the United States, including those of a military nature. All the details

In reaction to the recent visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi , the speaker of the American House, China suspended a series of high-level dialogue mechanisms with the United States. It is not the only retaliation: Beijing is holding large military exercises with live fire in the waters around Taiwan – it does not consider the island a state in itself, even if it is, but a province of its own territory – and has announced sanctions against Pelosi and the family members, for example.


China has interrupted or truncated dialogue with the United States in eight areas. As summarized by Stuart Lau , a Politico journalist dealing with Chinese issues, there will be no more communications between the top military ranks of Beijing and Washington; no more working meetings between the respective defense ministers; no more dialogues on maritime safety; no more repatriation mechanisms for irregular migrants; no more mutual assistance on criminal justice; no more climate dialogues; no more cooperation against transnational crimes; and finally, no more collaboration on anti-drug policies.

More specifically, three dialogue mechanisms have been completely canceled, and not just suspended: that between the military, that between the defense ministers (no further phone calls will be made between the two, therefore) and that on maritime safety (held every year).


A statement from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads that "the speaker of the United States House Nancy Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan without taking into account China's serious concerns and firm opposition, seriously interfering in China's internal affairs, seriously undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, seriously trampling the One China principle and seriously threatening peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait ”.

The One China Principle states that the only legitimate China is the People's Republic of China (the one with its capital city Beijing and led by the Communist Party) and not the Republic of China (the official name of Taiwan, a democracy whose capital is Taipei). While considering it its territory and even speaking of "reunification", in reality the People's Republic of China has never governed Taiwan.


On Friday Pelosi declared that "we will not allow [China, ed .] To isolate Taiwan". In fact, Beijing opposes Taipei's participation in international summits and works to steal as many diplomatic allies as possible: at the moment only fourteen states have formal relations with Taiwan.

Pelosi also specified that he did not want a change in the status quo, referring both to the maintenance of the current US policy of non-recognition of Taiwan, and to the American opposition to a possible Chinese invasion of the island.


On Thursday, the foreign ministers of the G7 members – the group that brings together some of the most economically advanced countries: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, plus the European Union – published a joint statement to criticize the Chinese military exercises around Taiwan, arguing that Beijing should not use Pelosi's visit as a "pretext" for aggressive actions.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded by saying that the G7 criticizes China "without reason" and that Beijing's countermeasures are "reasonable and legitimate to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity".


Japan – a member of the G7 – filed a formal complaint against China after five missiles landed within its exclusive economic zone during exercises around Taiwan. Tokyoadded that Chinese missile launches into its own waters were likely intentional.

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