The 3 lessons (also for Italy) of the American elections. Talk Capezzone

The 3 lessons (also for Italy) of the American elections. Talk Capezzone

However it ends, the American lesson that comes from Donald Trump “is to fight, appealing to the people. He, the total outsider, has overturned the table of those who thought of closing a parenthesis in one night that did not close … “. Conversation of Paola Sacchi with Daniele Capezzone, columnist and essayist, author of "Likecrazia" (Piemme)

However it ends, the American lesson that comes from Donald Trump “is to fight, appealing to the people. He, the total outsider, has overturned the table of those who thought of closing a parenthesis in one night that did not close … “.

It is the morning of Wednesday 4 November, Daniele Capezzone, after the night marathon on TV on Mediaset by Nicola Porro, having concluded his usual press review of the Truth of which he is a columnist, kindly grants an interview to to comment on those that are announced as the longest American presidential election.

Meanwhile, there is a sensational news: for the first time an outgoing US president banned from social media in a tweet where, referring to the outcome of the postal votes, he puts his hands ahead of any snatching of his consents. Have social media become another real protagonist of the elections? I ask her, author of "Likecrazia" (Piemme) , a book that is going to be the most popular.

They confirm themselves as actors, because even in the previous weeks they curiously reserved the right to correct, plead, object to the expression of one of the two candidates, incidentally the outgoing president. There is a challenge that has lasted for four years, between a political, media, written press, audiovisual establishment, of all the "progressives" who consider themselves respectable against a total outsider who they consider a kind of usurper, of whom they imagined last night a thunderous expulsion.

So all the polls are high …

The news is that the "usurper" has not only not been kicked out, but has achieved an extraordinary electoral performance and, in my opinion, rightly has no intention of having it snatched or robbed.

America, a certain "progressive" America, therefore like a gigantic projection on a world scale of what has happened and is happening with the outsiders of our home, from Craxi to Berlusconi to Salvini. How do you explain that a scheme of this type arrives and indeed has already arrived for four years even in the largest democracy in the world?

The stakes are very high and they were convinced tonight to treat Trump as a parenthesis to close, a parenthesis in American history. Open parenthesis and we close it, this was their scheme but the parenthesis did not close, also because it does not concern only a man they detest, but it concerns half of America who took the field against everything. Let us also put ourselves in the shoes of these voters. To resist and vote Trump they had to be told that he was a racist, a fascist, etc. We have reached a level of moral intimidation, yet the people have responded quite clearly.

And now what happens?

Now I do not underestimate the delicacy of the phase that opens, which can lead to a legal dispute up to the Supreme Court, a sensational legal dispute and a vertical division of the country, as a friend of the United States I would certainly have preferred an uncontested outcome. Having said that, however, I think that Trump was right to overturn the table that someone had set with the scheme that went like this: tonight the results go as they go, so much so with the joker of the postal vote and the delayed and postdated counting the result will be the one predestined. And he overturned the table, saying he won't get mugged.

There was also a lesson on the human level concerning the temper of the character who in the meantime recovered from Covid, transmitting this vitality as a message of hope, which Maria Giovanna Maglie pointed out. But was there also an entirely political lesson, namely that a cycle is not over?

Not only that, excuse the word out of fashion (ironically, ed ), it's a question of democracy. That is, it is as if someone had fielded on the other side of the elements of "aristocracy", of those who by "noble" title or by "divine" right feel the only one entitled to govern and drive out the "usurper" and "Usurper", who is not a usurper, appealed to the people who responded.

In the meantime, what conclusions can we draw from this night?

That democracy will be full of people but it is still the best thing invented by the human species to regulate their coexistence. And therefore it is necessary to appeal to the voters and bet on them. Also culturally it was significant that the Democrats, even with the fear of Covid, appealed to the vote by post, almost to physical non-mobilization, instead what they consider the anti-democratic, the villain gave a response of mobilization popular.

The reaction of Trump, who is no longer a young man, was also of great personal vitality, what lesson can be drawn at a time when we talk about locking up the "elderly"?

That of fighting. Trump is not above all a plaintive whiner, he is one who in the face of the coalition of powers against him, the coalition of the media, the Deep State did not start whining but decided to appeal to the people.

What are the results that impressed you the most?

We can give two examples. So far in Florida he has also and above all won thanks to the vote of Hispanics and regular immigrants, while the Democrats appealed to the Vppians. A significant short circuit. Then there are the workers states that he snatched from Clinton, here the so-called exception was repeated again.

However it will end, what is Trump's American lesson also for the Italian center-right?

I allow myself to say three words: fight, fight, fight. To have a clear-cut position and appeal to one's constituents along a line that is highly understandable with a compass: tax cuts, hostility to the old establishment, harsh confrontation with China. Without Byzantinisms.

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