The crickets of Conte and Travaglio against Draghi

The crickets of Conte and Travaglio against Draghi

What are Conte's political troubles aiming for? The Scratches of Damato

More than vetoes, as the Republic preferred to call it, it is the battle of votes that broke out in the government, in the majority and outside of both: however, imaginary votes thinking about the renewal of the Chambers, ordinary or anticipated as it may turn out. Ordinary, of course, in the hopes of Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Salvini, who close the legislature practically together as they began in 2018, convinced that a fairly long election campaign – almost a year – can help them stop the decline or, respectively, to recover some of what they have lost. Anticipated as much as possible – the renewal of the Chambers – for those who, like Giorgia Meloni, have always been in opposition and for this reason they have grown to the point of being ranked in the lead with her "brothers of Italy" in the rankings of the polls. But also for Enrico Letta, the secretary of the Democratic Party, who, not surprisingly, has often become the interface of Meloni, and has an ever less hidden interest in putting an end to this dizzying legislature as soon as possible.

What the secretary of the Democratic Party refrained from saying for extreme reasons of diplomacy was explained by the minister of culture Dario Franceschini, central to every majority in the Nazarene: a crisis would lead not only to early elections but also to the end of the so-called or alleged wide field with the 5 Stars. That without an electoral agreement with the Democratic Party for the distribution of seats in the nominal constituencies would come out of the polls with telephone area codes: really stardust.

The performance anxiety, so to speak, on the eve of the meeting between Draghi and Conte postponed from Monday to today due to the tragedy of the Marmolada, but also the mission of the Prime Minister in Turkey, was felt under the five stars. point that the newspaper of substantial reference such as Il Fatto Quotidiano , in the usually more uninhibited part of its first page which is that of the cartoon, represented the mutual desire of the Prime Minister and the predecessor to "get off the shit" the other . Who will succeed? Il Riformista wished Draghi with the title on Conte's “Black Wednesday”. We will see.

What is certain is that always under the five stars, and always in the newspaper that reflects the deepest moods the most, the Prime Minister in office is represented as it could not be worse. His mission to Turkey, with half a government in tow, for a series of agreements with Erdogan, the "dictator" complained last year by Draghi himself with the realistic warning of compulsory cooperation, caused Marco Travaglio to write " vomiting scene ", of" bloody hands "clenched too casually and the" hope that gentlemen will never again dare to lecture on aggressors and attacked, liberal democracies and dictatorships, arms shipments to defend Western values, international law, self-determination of peoples and other masterpieces of hypocrisy ".

In short, the language beats where the tooth hurts: the war in Ukraine and the attempt by NATO and the European Commission not to let the aggressor Putin win. And this "only" to favor "the comfortable swine of the USA, who foist their damaged goods on Europe, remove it from the Russian and Chinese markets, bleed it to death with a long proxy war and reabsorb it to itself in a NATO of new American-centric ". Which has just been extended, among other presumable “vomits” of Labor, to Finland and Sweden emerging from a neutralism that exposed them to the temptations of a Putin inspired by Peter the Great.

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