The Democratic Party’s field is a minefield

The Democratic Party's field is a minefield

Artifices and contradictions of the Democratic Party in search of a wide field for the center left. Paola Sacchi's note

Left the scene, presumed Russia-gate , behind the fall of the Draghi government, which in La Stampa and La Repubblica brought up Matteo Salvini (for which there was a double denial by Franco Gabrielli, Authority delegated to Security) and Silvio Berlusconi, the protagonist of the electoral campaign now becomes the jumble front of the Democratic Party and the center-left that is frayed and divided even on the colleges.

The former or perhaps not former "wide field" with The Five Stars in theory no longer exists, but the shadow of an alliance with those who brought down the government and with forces such as the Italian Left by Nicola Fratoianni always hangs.

Starting from foreign policy, with Enrico Letta's Democratic Party that has made Atlanticism its flagship. Of the clear distinctions of Giuseppe Conte and his on the policy in favor of Ukraine, we know, they were expressed up to the last in the debate in the Senate that marked the fall of the government, although he survived with 95 votes in favor, but Fratoianni, what a little forgotten, he twice voted against sending weapons to Ukraine. And many others did not vote for confidence in the executive. While the center-right of the government (Lega and Forza Italia) and of the opposition (FdI) has always voted in favor.

The jumble front that would like to hit the mark, even by taking votes from FI voters, after the entry into Action of Carlo Calenda of the former blue ministers Mara Carfagna and Maria Stella Gelmini, embarrasses Calenda and Matteo Renzi himself. However, attempts are made to resort to political artifices, since alliances are useful.

For example, Calenda a Fratoianni would say yes only in the proportional not in the single-term colleges, as a candidate for the Democratic Party. The leader of IV thinks of running alone and doing the "third pole", in which he also invites that of Action.

What had been represented by the mainstream media as the big center operation that was supposed to act as a barrier to a center-right with "sovereign" traction, portrayed as the bearer of havoc, is in reality a minefield of quarrels and fights over everything, with opposing visions also on the economy starting with taxes.

Letta proposes the inheritance tax for the dowry to eighteen-year-olds, Renzi and Calenda are not there. In reality, the potential center ally of the Democratic Party is photographed by polls with meager figures, apart from someone very optimistic who would even give it with a potential area of ​​10 percent.

All the unresolved knots of a left and a center left that have never been able to free themselves from extremist spirits and have never made a real reformist and guaranteeist turnaround come to the head.

Thirty years after the judicial liquidation of the reformist and anti-communist PSI of Bettino Craxi, it is as if history forcefully presented the account of the real failures. And so the line is the usual policy, that is, that of all together in order to beat the opponents to be de-legitimized as dangerous enemies.

In reality the center, if we mean economic policies for growth and development, private entrepreneurial classes, professionals who look favorably on the flat tax and not the citizenship income, environmental policies without the ideologies of a left that with the Five Stars denied the government's confidence in the Rome waste-to-energy plant and previously said no to the Tav, in short, the center without extremist policies is already represented in the center-right.

Accused by Calenda also on NATO, as he would accompany "pro-Lutinians", Antonio Tajani, former president of the European Parliament, vice president of the EPP, a prestigious curriculum in Europe, Berlusconi's number two, yesterday was clear : "Even Salvini reiterated it , the position in foreign policy does not change. The entire center-right in government will not change, we are on the side of NATO, the United States, the West and Europe. An incontrovertible choice, we will never change. Berlusconi will act as guarantor ”.

As for the proposed taxation by the Democratic Party, Salvini is tranchant: “Talking about new taxes at the moment is unconscious: taxes on assets, inheritances, on the dead, no. It is not the time for taxes, also because taxes have been paid and overpaid on that money. On September 25, two different ways of being in the world are confronted ”. The leader of the League underlines the two “opposite” visions: “The patrimonial reveals the true face of the left. In front of those who are successful, those who create wealth, instead of giving them a pat on the back and saying thank you, there is envy, resentment, jealousy on the left. Long live those who make it, long live those who are successful ".

Salvini on Saturday in Florence in the Lega section to set up the electoral campaign on the accusations of the Press : "I haven't been to Moscow for years, there are others who have also gone in recent years for economic relations". He warmed up the engines of the militants' electoral machine: "We are alone, we must not expect support from the press and publishing".

For Giorgia Meloni it was very hard in recent interviews on citizenship income and returns to the FdI proposal to reduce the taxation of entrepreneurs they hire. The center-right will develop a common program. On the outskirts of Rome, a blow-up of the president of the Brothers of Italy has already appeared with the inscription: “Ready to revive Italy”.

Tajani proposes to cut 10 billion from citizenship income to increase pensions and asks for voting to be possible again on Monday 26 September. "Many will return from vacation – he explains – it is a proposal of common sense". A new center-right summit is expected tonight.

Meanwhile, Salvini remarks: "The League is for the Atlantic Alliance and is an ally of Western countries".

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