The real stake in the administrative elections

The real stake in the administrative elections

What new balances will emerge from the local elections and how much will they weigh on the government of national unity led by Draghi? Federico Guiglia's notebook

Never has an administrative election like the one that takes place on June 12 in about a thousand municipalities, accompanied by 5 referendum questions on justice, been so intertwined by international events and animated by national issues. From the high bills and serious increase in energy prices to the dutiful reception of Ukrainian refugees, from the inflation and the differential that rise to the falling stock markets: Putin's war has already produced its heavy effect among the almost 9 million Italians called at the polls.

This is confirmed not only by the great "uncertainty" (word of the Bank of Italy) that reigns among the people for a peace that does not come, but also by the arrival in turn of all party leaders in Verona in the days of the electoral campaign. A political act of significant attention for a city of universal appeal and for its role in Veneto and Italy. But also the testimony of how much the political forces consider the concerns of citizens already affected by a long and not yet eradicated pandemic as a priority.

Then there is politics, of course. Who will win, in the center-right, the race between Salvini and Meloni, the allies and antagonists who embrace and swear that they will not end up like Romeo and Juliet? What will be the weight of Berlusconi, the founder of a Polo that has largely got out of hand in the meantime? Will Letta and Conte soon get married or will the voters' judgment convince them that in the center-left it is better to rely on parallel convergences? And will Renzi, Calenda and those who dream of a third way be encouraged or not after the verdict of 12 June?

If the challenge of Verona and everywhere is played at the time of the "repugnant" war, as Pope Francis has branded it, what is at stake is the government of the Nation in the wake of the political elections in less than a year. New balances are growing, and which ones? And the national unity government led by Mario Draghi has its months numbered or will it return as an emergency room in times that are expected to be hard? This too, the administrative vote and the referendums will help to make people understand.

We vote in almost a thousand municipalities, but we also think of Rome, Brussels, Kiev: the first administrative vote "without borders", the last test of parties and leaders in strong competition with each other.

(Published in The Verona Arena)

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