The Sostegni bis decree will also support the patronage of trade unions

The Sostegni bis decree will also support the patronage of trade unions

There are also support for the union patronages of the Sostegni bis decree. Here are all the details

The Sostegni bis decree provides for a series of measures designed for those who have suffered from the economic consequences of the pandemic crisis. The decree, approved by the Council of Ministers, was financed with 40 billion of extra deficit .

The resources for the Employment Centers paid the Citizenship Income

The 2019 Budget Law, as part of the Extraordinary Plan for the strengthening of employment centers and active labor policies related to Citizenship Income , had provided for an increase in the staffing facilities of the employment centers by 11,600 people and had allocated 464 million euros, starting from 2021. However, as written in the Explanatory Report of the Sostegni bis decree , in order to "finance the increase in the fund intended for the disbursement of the economic benefit of the Citizenship Income (Rdc), this last authorization of expenditure was suppressed by article 1, paragraph 371, of law no. 178, there are no remaining resources available to cover the higher operating costs of the employment centers, thereby jeopardizing the increase in the relative staffing provided for by the aforementioned regulations ". In essence, the disbursement of a greater number of Citizenship Income Checks has dredged the resources for the Employment Centers, the institutes intended to help unemployed people find a job. 

From the support dl bis 70 million euros to employment centers

The Sostegni bis decree, in article 46, makes up for this shortfall by allocating 70 million euros for the financing of the Employment Centers , for the year 2021. "It is therefore necessary to provide a loan to guarantee the continuity of operation of the employment centers and allow the recruitment provided for by the Extraordinary Plan aimed at taking charge of the beneficiaries of the Rdc ”, reads the report . 

Allocated 50 million euros for patronages 

The Patronati are entities that, in the territory, give direct assistance to citizens in relations with the Public Administration in the field of work and social security. The Dl Sostegni bis disburses an additional 50 million euros for the patronages: "The provision increases by 50 million euros, for 2021, the specific allocations entered in the estimates of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies for the financing of the Institutes of patronage". 

The governance of the ANPAL changes

Anpal is the National Agency for Active Labor Policies . Among its activities is the promotion of the right to work, training and professional growth. It is also the agency responsible for the labor market information system. To "align the structure of the ANPAL with that of the other Agencies, in particular fiscal agencies, whose structure allows for a more effective, prompt, quick and functional operability" , article 46 of the Sostegni Decree establishes the figure of a Director . The latter will be chosen "from experts or personnel in charge of general management functions of public administrations, in possession of proven experience and professionalism in the areas of competence of the ANPAL – reads the Report -, has the legal representation of the ANPAL, provides for the implementation of the guidelines and guidelines adopted in agreement with the Board of Directors and approved by the Minister of Labor and Social Policies and presents the budget and final balance to the Board of Directors ". In addition, the Board of Directors will be appointed every three years and will be “composed of three executives, of which at least one is in charge of general management functions in public administrations. One member is indicated by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces , while another member of the Board of Directors carries out the functions of president upon appointment of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies ”. 

An extraordinary Commissioner arrives at ANPAL

The implementation of the reform will take a few months. At this time, an extraordinary Commissioner will be appointed to take the place of the director "on the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies , having the requisites required for the Director General, who assumes, for the period in which he is in office, the powers attributed to the director and the board of directors ". The appointment of the extraordinary Commissioner automatically expires the president, the general manager and the board of directors of Anpal in office on the date of entry into force of the decree law. The president of Anpal also lapses from the office of sole director of Anpal Servizi and the commissioner assumes his functions until the appointment of the new president and the board of directors of the company.

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