USA and Saudi Arabia between Khashoggi and reason of state

USA and Saudi Arabia between Khashoggi and reason of state

The point on relations between the US and Saudi Arabia after the latest news on the Khashoggi case. The article by Giuseppe Gagliano

There are recent updates on the Khashoggi case .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia in an official communication announced that it rejected in the most complete way the conclusions reached by the American intelligence report on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In fact, the Ministry points out that the conclusions of this report are not only false but unacceptable. Furthermore, the Ministry expresses its disappointment that, despite the measures taken to prevent a tragedy of this nature from happening again, this report has been published.

Furthermore, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not intend to accept sanctions against its leadership and above all it does not reject any attempt to undermine its sovereignty and the independence of the judiciary.

Despite the very harsh tones of this statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs however stressed that the partnership between the two countries remains solid.

Although on February 26, the US secretary of state gave orders to put in place a block on the travel to the United States of 76 Saudi administration officials, to implement economic sanctions both against the former deputy head of Saudi intelligence and against the Saudi royal guard.

Reason of state – the containment of Iranian power projection, the influence and role of the Saudi lobby in the United States, the need to protect the stability of the Middle East area and the enormous interests linked to both oil and the trade in arms – have prevailed over any international law.

Therefore, despite the sacred values ​​of democracy and international law, once again the complexity of international reality has forced American democracy to adapt to the age-old logic of the Arcane empires.

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