What Facebook will come up with to make us make more and more purchases

What Facebook will come up with to make us make more and more purchases

Facebook has announced that it wants to make it even easier to shop through Shops. All the details

Last night, through a Live Audio conversation , Mark Zuckerberg announced new ways to shop on Facebook and the apps connected to it, along with solutions for companies to personalize shopping with ads and investments in technologies to change the shopping experience. of tomorrow.

It is undeniable that in recent years the way in which people shop has changed: in fact, we have gone from visiting malls to online shopping, up to being able to virtually try some products (for example sunglasses) directly from the sofa at home. our.

Shopping has landed on Facebook for several years now, with many retail brands using personalized ads to reach their customers. Last year, with the freeze on local businesses due to the pandemic, Facebook accelerated the launch of Shops to help businesses sell online.

The trend of online and social shopping is clear: in fact, one in three consumers in the world declares that they want to spend less time in the store even after the end of the pandemic, and almost three quarters say they are inspired, for their purchases, by the ads that they see on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Today Facebook Shops can count on over 300 million monthly visitors, and the Shops active each month are more than 1.2 million. Facebook has announced that it wants to make it even easier for people to discover products and make purchases through Shops, for example by giving companies in selected countries the opportunity to show their Shop on WhatsApp. In the United States, it will then be possible to bring Shops' products to Facebook Marketplace , helping businesses reach over 1 billion people who visit the Marketplace every month globally.


Businesses want to offer their customers simple and relevant shopping experiences, and Facebook aims to make available a personalized shopping experience like its own News Feed. To do this it is introducing advertising solutions for Shops that provide unique advertising experiences based on users' shopping preferences, such as the ability to direct consumers where they are most likely to buy something, such as a curated selection of products they might be interested in in one. Shop or on a company's website.

Brands currently already have tools available to help them find the right audience, such as Custom Audience and Product Tag Ads, which allow you to direct people to the Shop directly from an advertisement. These custom shop ad solutions can help businesses lead customers from discovery to purchase.


Facebook is investing in technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, which will be the foundation of how we shop online in the future, as evidenced by the new visual discovery tools on Instagram – which help consumers find new products. – and Augmented Reality experiences, which allow you to view items before purchasing.

This year, on Instagram, tests will begin on a new visual search powered by Artificial Intelligence that, in the intentions of Facebook, will help people find similar products by simply touching the image of a dress they like. The ability for users to take pictures from their camera to initiate a visual search will also be implemented in the future.

Despite the reopening of stores in many countries, two-thirds of those who shop online say they want to virtually try the products from the comfort of their own home. To help consumers evaluate a product's fit before purchase, therefore, the Zuckerberg giant is making it easier for brands to create Augmented Reality trial experiences in Facebook Shops through new API integrations with Modiface and Perfect Corp; New tools are also being introduced to help brands include Augmented Reality product catalogs in their listings and automatically show relevant products to people based on their interests.

Finally, Facebook has stated that it will continue to support the economic recovery by making further investments in Shops and by forgoing commissions from companies until June 2022.

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