What happens in the Roman palaces

What happens in the Roman palaces

How are the political balances in Italy. The Scratches of Damato

There is a thread that binds, despite appearances to the contrary, three photos of the day, two of which are real, shot live, and a third from the archive, as there are none taken live, on the spot.

The first photo is of the meeting in Tripoli between Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in his first mission abroad, with the new Libyan prime minister aimed at resuming what Draghi himself called "ancient friendship" between the two countries, at net of the remote colonial past and the less remote past of the Italian participation in that international intervention wanted above all by the French against Gaddafi to kill him, but to kill with him, even if guilty of atrocities like all dictators, even the stability or security of a area where Italy had and still has vital interests. Among which, in addition to oil, there is the control of illegal emigration to Europe and its southern border. Which is precisely Italy, of which it is now hoped that Draghi will really restore, in agreement with the United States, the "centrality" lost on the other coast of the Mediterranean under other governments to the advantage of Turkey and Russia.

The second photo, which is the missing one because it relates to a somewhat clandestine event, is of the meeting between the new secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta and Matteo Renzi. Of which the most recent photo, in order not to always go back to that of the hasty and irritated handover at Palazzo Chigi in 2014, is the one on the terrace of the house with his teacher wife who was infected by the covid, more timely than the vaccine although received .

The chances that the "old friendship" between the two will restore, to return to the language of Tripoli, frankly seem to me scarcer than those between Libya and Italy. The political perspectives that the two exchanged are opposite: the one, Letta, intending to continue in the more or less privileged collaboration with the grillini and Renzi by now completely changed his mind from the relationship even though he practically promoted to surprise, when he was still in the Pd, in the summer of 2019, in order to avoid the early elections and the predictable victory of a center-right then with strong Northern League traction.

Just to sow the road of his interlocutor with nails, Renzi proposed to him for the important administrative elections in autumn, with his eye naturally also turned to the Capitol, to play for the Bologna syndicate the card of a mayor of the surroundings. , curiously called Conti, in the plural of Conte, rather than agreeing on a candidate, or a candidate, with the grillini.

The third photo of the day is that of the riots in Rome in front of the Chamber, with clashes between restaurant operators and the like ruined by anti-pandemic measures and the Police: clashes deplored by all, for heaven's sake, but on whose motivations the division is general, outside and even within the composite majority of the new government.

The thread that binds the three photos, or two and a half, is the continuing precariousness, and sometimes even ambiguity, of the political balance, given – for example – that in his mission in Tripoli Draghi managed to procure the protests of a part of the Democratic Party and even the newspaper of the Italian bishops. The accusation is that he did not take charge enough of the inhumane treatment reserved in Libya both for migrants who manage to leave, that is, to escape, and for those who return.

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