What is Conte doing?

What is Conte doing?

Words, moves and silences of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, according to the political notist Francesco Damato

The Count, with a capital letter, resistant to temptation or the risk of a new lockdown, according to a title that the Republic dedicates to him on the front page, reminds me of the late secretary of the PSI Francesco De Martino. That in relations with the DC on the one hand, the government, and with the PCI on the other, the opposition, during the years of the second center-left, after that of Aldo Moro and Pietro Nenni, resisted "until a moment before giving up" . So the trade unionist and socialist deputy Fernando Santi said about him on the sofas of Montecitorio.

The comparison with De Martino, who brought the PSI to an all-time low of votes in 1976, will probably not appeal to the Prime Minister, who has been declining in the polls for a few days but still used to many other combinations: from fellow countryman Aldo Moro even to the count, tiny, Camillo Benso di Cavour, both generously supported by the old man and sympathizer Eugenio Scalfari.

The Prime Minister will perhaps prefer the image of the commander in sight navigation, among the mines of viral infections, attributed to him by the cartoonist Nico Pillinini on the front page of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno , the Apulian daily that Conte is commendably trying behind the scenes to save from the risk of closure or sale, in the short time – not "lost", as they say in the poster – left free from the emergencies of Covid, the majority and relations with regions and cities. Where evening and night curfews are being tested as an alternative to the lockdown, which the Fatto Quotidiano defines as "curfew". Or that Il Foglio , another newspaper now sympathetic and understanding towards Conte, has translated into an invitation to its few but qualified readers to "start staying at home again", possibly even during the day, and not just in the evening and at night.

It would be a de facto lockdown , implied, without the solemnity, the constraints, the certifications and anything else of another, yet another presidential decree now known by the acronym of the dpcm, removed from risky parliamentary passages, from all points of view, not only politicians, due to the growing number of deputies and senators infected, or covidated, if you allow me this adjective has not yet landed in the dictionaries of the Italian language.

In this unfortunately dramatic confusion of ideas and words, the odd balancing interpretation given by some newspaper to a survey that attributes about 10 per cent to a possible party of Luigi Di Maio, all governist, produced by the identity crisis of the MoVimento 5, has also entered. Stars. Which is aggravated by the no shouted together by Alessandro Di Battista and Davide Casaleggio to the poltronismo underlying the hypothesis of suppression, among the grillini, of the prohibition of a third term.

But Di Maio, dear colleagues fascinated by his possible governmental party, perhaps even willing to swallow for reasons of realism access to European credits for the enhancement of the national and induced health service, has just denied in an interview with Corriere della Sera to have never proposed or shared the third term. Without which, however, his political experience would fortunately also end: fortunately, because the time has passed when even the editor of the same Corriere della Sera , Luciano Fontana, exchanged Di Maio for a new Giulio Andreotti, at the cost of making his bones jump in the tomb, at Verano.

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